Freeview has launched Freeview-endorsed digital TV equipment. We asked Freeview CEO, Robin Parkes about Freeview:

What is Freeview?

Robin Parkes : Freeview is the brand name, for the new digital channels for free to air television. What it means is that for people in metropolitan areas, they currently get five analogue television stations for free and once they have switched to Freeview they get immediately ten and fifteen by the end of the year..

When will Freeview be launched?

Robin Parkes : Freeview has already been launched. It is available now, you can immediately get ten channels now and fifteen in the future.

What are Freeview-endorsed digital TV equipment?

Robin Parkes : To be able to get these channels you just need to either get a digital television, or if you have an analogue television convert it with a set top box. To make it easier to shop for consumers we have worked with manufactures with the technical specifications and given them a Freeview endorsement. This allows them to carry a Freeview sticker or logo on their equipment. You don't need to purchase Freeview equipment if you already have digital equipment, that is fine. It makes it easier to shop in store and know that you are getting something that will receive the full set of channels.

What are some of the new channels we will receive?

Robin Parkes : ABC2, Channel 1 which is a 24 hour sports channel, 7HD, 9HD and SBS2.

Can everyone receive Freeview?

Robin Parkes : It is in different areas. At the moment you only get the full set of stations in metropolitan areas. In regional areas you will receive some of the channel, because for example channel nine and seven in regional areas are called Prime or Win and they will have different signals depending on the areas. They will eventually get Freeview, but may not be all at the same start date as the metropolitan areas.

Is Freeview actually free?

Robin Parkes : It is totally free.