Food Lab by Ben Milbourne Season 2

Food Lab by Ben Milbourne Season 2

Ben Milbourne Returns to Food Network to Explore the Science of Sustenance

Tasmanian Chef Ben Milbourne will bring an exciting new season of Food Lab to Food Network audiences this summer, making seemingly complex chemistry more palatable every weeknight for 13 weeks on Australia's only 24/7, free, foodie channel.

Using his experience in the kitchen; at home with his grandma, as a father himself and professionally in his restaurants and food truck, Ben will unpack the science behind the most interesting styles of cooking he's come across in this educational and inspiring series.

With nutritional scientist Dr Joel Gilmore and a range of expert guests from the University of Queensland, Ben will put food under the microscope to answer some serious kitchen conundrums by gaining a deeper understanding of the diverse culinary techniques used in many different cultures from all over the world.

Food Lab host Ben Milbourne said: 'I'm really excited to share Food Lab with Aussie audiences. It's a show that combines food, fun and great locations, and at the same time empowers viewers to become better cooks. I know that fans of Food Network will completely fall in love with the frivolity, insight and beauty of everything Food Lab has to offer."

Produced by Cultivate Productions for Food Network, Food Lab will help Australians to better appreciate the food we eat, where it comes from and the diverse ways in which it can be prepared.

Over 65 episodes, Ben and Joel investigate ancient techniques that have been used for centuries and fresh styles of food preparation that technology has made available to modern-day chefs, including tempura, emulsification, curing, pickling, and smoking.

It's not all about the taste buds either, this series is a visual feast that is set between Ben's home kitchen, on location at the picturesque University of Queensland campus and in some of the most beautiful places in Ben's home state of Tasmania, often cooking with the best produce available right there in the island state.

As a former science teacher Ben is passionate about education, so he knows how much kids love experimentation and learning which is why Food Lab is the perfect food show to enjoy with the whole family.

Food Lab by Ben Milbourne airs 6pm weeknights on Food Network starting November 20.