Five Winter Skin Survival Tips

Five Winter Skin Survival Tips

Five Winter Skin Survival Tips

As winter draws closer, the temperature isn't the only thing that decreases. Your skin's hydration also depletes from balancing the cold outside and artificial heat inside. To ensure your skin is not robbed of vital moisture that can leave it cracked, chapped and irritated, give your skin a protective boost from nature's own affordable hydrator – Banaban coconut oil!

1. Drink up
As the old saying goes, -Pure water is the world's first and foremost medicine' and this is especially true when it comes to skin care. Add a few drops of Banaban coconut oil to your water, smoothie or soup to give yourself a powerful super boost of hydration that works from the time it hits your lips, through to your digestive tract. It may also assist with your output of waste by boosting moisture levels and acting as a lubricant and protectant all in one simple swig.

2. Find the right moisturiser
Products enriched with coconut oil create a barrier to the cold outside, as well as the artificial heat inside. Applying coconut oil to the skin forms a two-way barrier to keep moisture in but also protects against free radicals that rob our skin of moisture. Try something chemical-free like the Banaban Virgin Coconut Cream Body Butter for all over body protection and pure, organic coconut oil for your lips and more delicate areas.

3. Exfoliate
The more dead skin cells on your body, the less it absorbs the products you apply to it, which makes winter the most important time to ensure you're exfoliating at least once a week. Get radiant glowing skin and promote cell renewal by gently rubbing an all-natural exfoliant like Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub into all areas of the body before rinsing off in the shower and patting dry. To up the hydration further, treat your skin to a delicious coconut boost by moisturising with Banaban coconut oil after showering.

4. Get your antioxidants
Winter also means the dreaded cold and flu season, which wreaks havoc on the skin, as the immune system is broken down and the body struggles to keep the antioxidant intake up. Consuming coconut oil is a great way to ensure your skin and body are absorbing antioxidants, to prevent and repair the cell damage caused by those nasty free radicals, which are responsible for the visible signs of ageing. Coconut oil is also a natural antibacterial so dab some in your nostrils and use as a lip and hand salve to help minimize the spread of germs and viruses.

5. Hydrate the air
Investing in a humidifier for your bedroom while you sleep will not only soothe dry skin by increasing moisture in the drier winter air but it can also relieve many sinus problems like sinusitis and nasal congestion often associated with winter colds and flu. Add a couple drops of essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus to help relieve a blocked or stuffy nose overnight or try Banaban Chest Rub Oil with Eucalyptus, which doubles as vapor rub AND humidifier oil to wipe out those sleep depriving snuffles.

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