Finacea hydrogel

Finacea hydrogel

Finacea hydrogel

The late Diana Princess of Wales, Bill Clinton, WC Fields and Rosie O'Donnell all experienced red faces - not due to being caught out in their colourful personal lives but due to a frustrating skin condition that affects nearly half a million Australians and 45 million people worldwide. But there is hope for red faces.

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition of the capillaries and larger blood vessels involved in facial flushing. In essence, it's a permanent blush. It generally begins as redness of the face, but it can progress to papules (raised lumps) and erythema (dilated capillaries). In more severe cases it can make the eyes itchy and bloodshot or lead to the development of rhinophyma (a swollen, bulbous nose). It is a skin condition that has experts baffled with no known definitive cause or cure.

For sufferers, it can crush self-esteem as you either look as if you have indulged in too much alcohol and have the swollen, red capillaries as your war wounds, or appear as if you have severe sunburn.

People with rosacea find it difficult to use many beauty products as they can result in flare ups. Variations in temperature can trigger redness as can spicy foods, alcohol and sun exposure. Some women can't even blow-dry their hair because it can make them flush. It is a beauty problem that, for many does not hold out much hope of answers.

Treatment options, up until now, have included avoidance of triggers, use of topical antibiotics and light therapy but now there is a weapon in the fight against rosacea called Finacea.

Finacea is a hydrogel formula containing azelaic acid (15%) a naturally occurring saturated dicarboxylic acid and is available without a prescription from pharmacies. Clinical trials of more than 900 patients have shown that Finacea hydrogel significantly reduces the symptoms of mild and moderate rosacea. In one trial comparing Finacea to an antibiotic cream treatment, Finacea hydrogel was shown to provide superior results over a 15 week period in terms of reducing lesion inflammation, papules and red capillaries.

This effective gel has no alcohol, fat or fragrances. Now many rosacea sufferers can enjoy the use of a proven treatment that works to minimise skin irritations and flare ups.

Whilst rosacea is a cosmetic condition that can affect a person's self-esteem and can be covered up with green-tinged cosmetics, it is also a medical problem that can be treated. Finacea is an effective rosacea treatment option helping bring welcome relief to sufferers wishing to leave the red zone.

Lifestyle changes
Alongside Finacea treatment there are lifestyle changes that rosacea sufferers can adopt to help their condition.

Avoid: Alcohol, Hot Drinks, Coffee & Tea, Spicy Foods, Overexposure to Sunlight, Anxiety, Emotional Stress, and Overheating.

As one of the most perplexing and frustrating beauty problems, it is good news that there is an effective over the counter treatment available for rosacea - Finacea hydrogel brings a face change to rosacea therapy.

RRP: Finacea gel 30g tube $25
Available at pharmacies nationally.