FHIT by Lauren Hannaford Interview

FHIT by Lauren Hannaford Interview

FHIT by Lauren Hannaford Interview

15 minutes a day, no equipment needed, suitable for all abilities.

Take the precision strength of gymnastics, combine with a simple, high intensity, full-body workout that guarantees weight-loss and increased fitness, and you have the all-new program, FHIT by Lauren Hannaford.

FHIT stands for Functional High Intensity Training and Lauren's program combines cardio, resistance, abs and mobility training in easy-to-follow 15 minute workout videos as part of a six week program, which is suitable for all fitness levels.

Whether you want to spice up your current workout, lose weight or seriously tone your body, all you need is 15 minutes a day – no gym, no equipment required so it can be done anywhere, anytime.

Using her expertise as a former elite gymnast and gymnastics coach, combined with her knowledge as a certified fitness professional, Lauren created her FHIT workouts with simplicity in mind.

'I refined this style of training while travelling the world touring with The Wiggles, performing as a Wiggly Dancer and Dorothy the Dinosaur. I needed a way to continue my fitness training to stay in great shape for the physically demanding shows, but I didn't have hours to spend at the gym. So, I created a fast, effective and safe workout that I could do anywhere. And I really have done it everywhere! From hotel rooms, backstage and even alongside the tour bus in the carpark."

Based around high intensity training and using the fundamental principles of gymnastics, the workouts use your own body weight to build strength, mobility, cardio fitness and overall body awareness.

'Gymnastics isn't just about backflips and handstands, it's about core strength and total body conditioning. Gymnasts are serious about strength and conditioning, but you don't need to be an aspiring gymnast to take advantage of the proven techniques and exercises they use too improve your own life", Lauren explained.

'One of the huge benefits of FHIT is that it moves your body through a range of motion that's different to what it may be used to. By doing that, you're going to create longer, leaner muscles overall, have more coordination and flexibility, and be less prone to injury.

'I know from experience, you can achieve your fittest and happiest self through this style of training."

Lauren has created easy-to-follow workout videos, so while watching it on your phone, tablet or computer, it's just like training alongside her. You'll get all the motivational benefits of a group fitness class in the comfort of your home, or wherever you want to train.

'Whether you want a great sweat session, to create long lean muscles, improve overall fitness or boost your metabolism, FHIT is the workout for you. Best of all, you go at your own pace and everyone I've introduced FHIT to is surprised by how quickly they improve and their body reacts to the training." Lauren said.

The workout is suitable for all fitness levels and people in all stages of life – from stay-at-home and working mums, through to professionals and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a new challenge.

Even couples can benefit from working out together, as Lauren knows firsthand because it's how she met her now husband The Wiggles' Red Wiggle Simon Pryce. Lauren and Simon met while on tour with The Wiggles and she introduced him to her style of training. Simon is now an ambassador for FHIT By Lauren Hannaford and he still uses this program to keep him in shape for The Wiggles rigorous touring and filming schedule.

'One of the main benefits of this high energy workout is it'll give you energy throughout the day and it's the secret to boosting your metabolism and burning fat," Lauren reveals.

And Lauren guarantees, with her program you will improve each week and by the end of the six weeks you'll be working out with as much energy as she does.


Review:  FHIT is a super quick and enjoyable workout program featuring fun and modern exercises presented in a contemporary format that enables you to participate anywhere.

I'm not new to exercise and the resistance session got me very sweaty – I found it was easier to push myself to the extreme, knowing that it'd all be over in 15 short minutes. It's also very easy to stay motivated, even during challenging exercises, with Lauren cheering you on – she's so positive and inspiring!

You know who is enjoying this program the most though? My Mum! Mum is short on time and loves the ability to workout with Lauren, in the comfort of her own lounge room, in a really short period of time. FHIT gets your heart rate up fast and keeps it up for 15 minutes then ensures you stretch at the end (which I believe is mandatory). Mum and I give FHIT by Lauren Hannaford a big squat-jump high-five.
- Brooke Hunter

Review:  The FHIT by Lauren Hannaford program is clear to understand and easy to follow. The 15 minute sessions are easy to fit into even the busiest days. 15 minutes might not sound like a lot but it is high intensity and the repetition of the same exercises helps me keep up with the fast pace. The occasional emails with hints and tips are informative and just regular enough to find the time to read; I especially enjoyed the portion size information.
- Jenni Hunter


Interview with Lauren Hannaford

Lauren is a fitness model, dancer, and gymnastics coach and has been a personal trainer to athletes and Olympians.

Lauren has been a gymnast since she was five years old, competing and coaching at a national level. While working as a gymnastics coach and fitness professional she had the opportunity to work with The Wiggles. For four years, she toured the world performing as a Wiggly dancer, Wags the Dog and Dorothy the Dinosaur.

It was while travelling the world with an amazing but hectic touring schedule that she created her own signature style of high-intensity bodyweight interval workouts, FHIT by Lauren Hannaford.

'I merged gymnastics skills and exercises together into a cardio based workout so that I was continuing to keep up my cardio fitness, strength, flexibility and body awareness," she said.

Though her performances with The Wiggles were a workout in themselves, Lauren still wanted to continue with her own style of daily training. She needed a workout that could be done anywhere (hotel rooms, backstage, whatever space was available), and didn't take a lot of time or require any equipment - and FHIT By Lauren Hannaford was the answer.

Lauren has led group fitness classes using her unique style of training, and now FHIT By Lauren Hannaford has evolved to this new six-week training program with easy to follow videos that can be done anywhere, anytime.

'FHIT differs from many other types of workouts around today," Lauren explains. 'Using my knowledge of core gymnastics exercises and skills, these workouts give strength, conditioning and cardio.

'I'm so pleased to be able to bring these techniques I learnt as a gymnast out into the world, to people who have never experienced it before. But don't worry, you don't need to have started gymnastics at the age of five like I did to be able to get a great FHIT workout that'll get results, increase your energy and put a smile on your face.

Interview with Lauren Hannaford

Question: What inspired you to create FHIT?

Lauren Hannaford: I was touring with The Wiggles and I found that I had very little time to train due to the demands of life on the road. I was away from the comfort of the gymnasium and the fitness regime and discipline that I had been used to over many years as a competitive elite gymnast.

I started to struggle mentally not having a consistent workout routine that I could do regularly. I was feeling quite down about it all and the longer I left it the less motivation I had. I decided to turn it all around and set out to create a workout that I could do anywhere, anytime and in a short period of time.

Question: How would you describe FHIT?

Lauren Hannaford: FHIT stands for Functional High Intensity Training and is based around four 15 minute workouts. Cardio, Resistance, Abs and Mobility. The workouts as the name suggests are High Intensity, using the premise of interval training and core gymnastics exercises as part of its foundation. It is suitable to all fitness levels and you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. FHIT is a results based fitness program. It's not about achieving the body beautiful. It's about feeling healthier, fitter and happier. I always say it's not about how you look in a bikini 3 months of the year, it's about how you feel in your clothes all year round.

Question: Why was it important to you to create a program perfect for time poor stay-at-home mums and working mums?

Lauren Hannaford: I created these workouts because I was time poor myself, not from having a child and being a mum but because of my work commitments. Over the years I have received a lot of messages from mums asking for advice on how to train, how to find the motivation to train and what sort of training they should be doing. Mum's saying how they felt disappointed in themselves that they hadn't been able to shift some of the baby weight and that they felt tired and sluggish all the time. The desire and motivation for me to produce these workouts was to be able to help mum's start to get back on the road to health and fitness and for them to really start to feel good about themselves again. Finding that 15 minutes of time for themselves in their day is so important.

It's amazing the difference 15 minutes can make.

Question: How is FHIT better suited to mums than other online workout programs?

Lauren Hannaford: The beauty of FHIT is that the workouts are a short 15 minutes which isn't a huge amount of time to have to carve out of your day. And because it's so portable in that you can view the videos on your phone or computer, and doesn't require any equipment, mums can do it anywhere, anytime, even in their PJ's in the loungeroom. Also you're training with me so you're not going it alone. I'll motivate you through each and every session and I will help guide you every step of the way. The videos are in a class environment so you're working out with people of all different fitness levels and you go at your own pace. You may even see my husband Simon struggling a few times during the workouts ha-ha.

There are a lot of fitness programs on the market which are just print outs or PDF's and so you have to be very self-motivated which is the most common struggle people face. A lot of programs out there are also based around body image whereas FHIT is based around results. You start the 6 week program by doing a fitness test and you do the same fitness test again at the end so you can really gauge how much your fitness has improved. The bonus is you will also have lost weight.

Also, FHIT has a holistic approach to health with recipes, meals plans, nutritional advice and importantly some great mindfulness exercises so it's a great all-rounder for mums who need a bit of advice in each of those areas of their life to just give them some support and balance in their lives. .

Question: Is it possible to see results exercising 15 minutes a day?

Lauren Hannaford: It has been scientifically proven that 15 minutes of high intensity interval training will burn more fat and calories than going for an hour jog.

The fast, short bursts of intense exercise shocks the body and kicks the body's repair cycle into overdrive. Your metabolism increases due to the fact that you are consuming more oxygen and you will continue to burn calories hours after the workout has finished.

The 15 minute FHIT program is a great way to shock the body into burning fat and calories and is the perfect foundation for a lifestyle of health and fitness.

I am thrilled with some of the result and feedback my clients have shared with me. You really can make positive changes to your life in just 15 minutes a day.

Question: Can you share one of the exercises featured in FHIT, with us?

Lauren Hannaford: Yes absolutely!! Frog runs is one of my favourite FHIT exercises. Who knew frogs could run, right? ;)

This exercises works your whole body but you will find it really isolating your obliques and strengthening your core.

You start in a plank position. From there you turn your knee and foot outward, by using your obliques you pull your knee up and as close to your elbow as you can then place your feet back together. Alternating each leg. Frog runs also benefit your legs, glutes, arms and shoulders.

Question: What are your top motivational fitness tips?

Lauren Hannaford: -Be your own motivation, wake up and kick your own butt so you are better than the day before.'
-Focus on how you feel and take note of each improved feeling and rep throughout your workout rather than trying to instantly examine your workouts in the mirror straight after a session.'
-Trust yourself and the process… You are only one sleep away from waking up and saying daaaaamn i feel good.'

Question: What costs and equipment is involved in FHIT?

Lauren Hannaford: Zero equipment is needed for FHIT unless you want a yoga mat for Abs and Mobility. The cost is $9.95 a week for 6 weeks which can be paid weekly or can be paid upfront in full if you prefer to do that.

Question: How can we follow your adventures?

Lauren Hannaford: Through the wonderful world of Instagram - @LozHannaford
Facebook Page - Lauren Hannaford
and of course my website - www.laurenhannaford.com.au

Question: What are five foods you couldn't live without?

Lauren Hannaford: Vegetables

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Lauren Hannaford: Each day is pretty different for me but I always wake up and beam out of bed… okay that's a lie, I wake up and drag myself out from under the covers to do my morning workout. I know how good I will feel once I start moving and have those endorphins going so I always try to workout first thing. My favourite days are when my husband Simon and I can workout together.

After I workout, its breakfast time, emails and a bit of a social media scroll through.

If I haven't got any interviews or shoots to do then its content, content, content, creation time. I always try to create as much content for my FHIT members as I can so we are constantly growing and learning together.

Simon is on tour most of the year so I try to go on the road with him as much as I can. Being in new environments helps me find new inspiration and ideas for content and keeps me creative.

Interview by Brooke Hunter