Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan

Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan

Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan

Featuring Apple Stem Cell Technology,
A breakthrough in Anti-Ageing

Fake Bake constantly strives to improve the performance of its products and the Fake Bake Platinum Face takes Self-Tan and Anti-Ageing to the next level. Using scientific breakthroughs in Stem Cell technology from one of the world's leading authorities - Mibelle Biochemistry in Switzerland, Fake Bake has created Fake Bake Platinum Face, a facial tanning lotion that has been proven, through extensive, trials to turn back the signs of ageing.

Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan contains a combination of Fake Bake's award winning tanning formula (DHA & Erythulose) with Mibelle Biochemistry's highly acclaimed, naturally derived antiageing ingredient PhytoCellTec . Malus Domestica. Winner of the European Cosmetics Innovation Prize for "Best Active Ingredient", PhytoCellTec. Malus Domestica is a liposomal thatcontains tiny bubbles made from the same material found in plant cell membranes. In contrast to human cells, plant cells are Totipotent meaning that every cell has the ability to regenerate new organs. Higher levels of stem cells found in the rare Swiss apple Uttwiler Spatlauber are rich in phytonutrients, proteins and long-living cells. This particular composition leads to incredible storability and longevity properties. It's these characteristics that can be transferred to help human stem cells preserve their youthful characteristics and help protect and repair damaged skin, essentially delaying biological ageing.

Features of the new Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan include:
* Long lasting self-tan
* Gentle formulation suitable for sensitive facial skin
* Combats chronological ageing
* Delays biological ageing of essential cells
* Preserves the youthful look & vitality of your skin
* Protects longevity of human skin stem cells
* Combats the effects of Oxidants

Review: So now that the summer glow has truly gone, and the harsh winter weather & heaters have begun, how can you take care of your skin to give it that healthy glow? Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan combines fake tan with an anti-aging moisturiser. Ingenious! It's about time someone put these two together. Having highly sensative skin and being a time-poor working mum, Fake Bake Platinum Face Sel-Tan provides the answer I've been waiting for. Combining two routines into one is a blessing. If you have ever tried to add anti-aging moisturiser on top of a fake tan or the other way round, you would know that it can leave a caked feeling, Fake Bake is light and easy to spread.

While most of us use fake-tan during the spring/summer months, autumn/winter is also a great time to give yourself a healthy base instead of building up layers of foundation that dry out the skin. With Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan you can add colour to your skin while fighting those wrinkles. During the winter months your skin may struggle under the harsh conditions of cold winds and over-heated offices & homes, this is the time your skin needs the most attention, so keep it simple, with two-in-one creams like Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan, that will keep your skin looking healthy.

Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan, RRP $59.95 and is available fromwww.fakebake.net.au, beauty salons or by calling 1300 787 587