Faces in the Crowd - A Red Stitch Production

Faces in the Crowd - A Red Stitch Production

Faces in the Crowd - A Red Stitch Production
By Leo Butler
October 7 - November 7
Red Stitch, Rear 2 Chapel Street, St Kilda

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Faces in the Crowd by Leo Butler and directed by Sam Strong, is a story of our times. Dave and his wife Joanne, live the high life, living beyond their means and with a 'the bank will pay for it mentality'.

With the 'high life' leading to the destruction of their marriage, and a debt that Joanne is tied to that hangs as a mill stone around her neck. It is a tale of woe and shame that ensues.

After 10 years, Joanne tracks down Dave, and requires pay back, but it is not in cash or a cheque. In her late 30's she is after something else, and the tale shifts to one of missed opportunities and final expectations.

The set is bleak, a one room studio apartment in London, where Dave will put up with traffic jams and neighborhood noises to appear modern, picking up young women, with his balding head and his young man suit, while Joanne, catching the train in from the suburbs, looks tired and on edge.

What does Joanne want if it is not for Dave to pay back the money he owes? She wants what she signed up for with Dave when they married, she wants a family, and with the 40's knocking, she wants it now.

This is a desperate story, full of recriminations, lover's politics and put downs, neither character comes off looking good, but they both come off looking very human.

Faces in the Crowd reunites Red Sky Morning director Sam Strong with actors DavidWhiteley and Sarah Sutherland.

Red Stitch Actors Theatre, rear 2 Chapel St, St Kilda East (opposite Astor)