Estee Lauder Hydrationist

Estee Lauder Hydrationist

Estee Lauder Hydrationist

Did you know dehydrated skin is more prone to signs of premature aging? Almost everything that constitutes skin 'aging' can be influenced by dehydration. One of the most effective ways to keep skin looking strong, healthy and young is to keep it continually hydrated. Put simply, skin is a living entity - dependent on water for optimum cellular health and function. Without water, skin is less able to naturally and effectively prevent and correct the premature signs of aging. In fact, almost all of the key age "markers," such as lines, wrinkles and firmness, identified in Estée Lauder's exclusive Age Measurement Study can be impacted by dehydration.

The solution to premature aging caused by dehydration? Hydrationist, Estée Lauder's most powerfully hydrating creme to date. Instantly, thirsty, dehydrated skin is quenched with new and exclusive Bio-Mimetic Water to deliver immediate moisture lasting 24 hours. With continued use, Estée Lauder's exclusive NEW Sustainable Moisture Complex™ with Revival Plant Extract helps boost, balance and maintain skin's optimum moisture levels. Over time, it will help skin retain and sustain its own internal moisture for exceptional long-lasting, youth-infusing hydration. Skin becomes stronger, more comfortable and continually hydrated, and is thus better able to resist the signs of premature aging more effectively.

Instant Hydration:
Hydrationist immediately replenishes thirsty skin with youth-infusing moisture lasting 24 hours. Hydrated at multiple levels, skin's moisture balance is restored by exclusive new Bio-Mimetic Water with the following three unique features:
1.Structured: Bio-Mimetic Water is "structured", so that it is able to easily assimilate into skin for an immediate burst of hydration that reaches deep within to where skin needs it most.
2.Mineral enhanced: The efficacy of Bio-Mimetic Water is enhanced by the concentration of vital minerals: Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc. When skin is supplied with these nourishing minerals, it is better able to carry out its natural daily functions, such as barrier repair, more efficiently.
3. Arginase Activator: Once inside the deepest surface layers of the skin, Bio-Mimetic Water helps skin stimulate arginase activity, a natural process that increases the production of urea in skin. Urea is a Natural Moisture Factor and a naturally occurring compound that binds water in skin for increased moisture. As we age, skin's natural urea production (stimulated by arginase activity) declines. Recent Estée Lauder studies show that Bio-Mimetic Water increases arginase activity by 98%.

Results: Skin feels softer, smoother and more hydrated than ever. Thirsty skin is instantly replenished with 81% immediate moisture and stays hydrated for 24 hours. The appearance of fine, dry lines diminishes.

Long-lasting Hydration:
New Hydrationist features Estée Lauder's exclusive Sustainable Moisture Complex™, a blend of powerful ingredients that work over time to help skin naturally build and maintain a strong moisture barrier. This powerful complex helps skin hold and preserve its own internal moisture for deep, long-lasting and sustainable hydration. The Sustainable Moisture Complex™ consists of:
1. Revival Plant Extract (Haberlea Rhodopensis): A miracle of nature, this beautiful Revival Plant has the amazing ability to dry out and survive drought conditions for several months without harm to its well-being. Upon the re-introduction of water, the plant remarkably recovers and continues to flourish, bloom, and grow. The Sustainable Moisture Complex™ featuring Revival Plant Extract helps skin sustain its internal moisture so that it is better able to adapt to everyday exposures that could cause dehydration.
2. Barrier Building Blend: This unique blend delivers a wealth of our most advanced lipids and triglycerides to help strengthen and build skin's barrier. A special "ceramide activator" also helps build skin's barrier from the inside out by helping skin activate its own natural lipid production. Moisture is kept sealed in for deep, long-lasting hydration.
3. Trehalose: A naturally occurring sugar in skin, Trehalose helps maintain a healthy water balance inside and outside of cells, providing cells with the exact level of moisture needed to function optimally.

Results: Skin's moisture barrier is strengthened by 50% after fours weeks of continued use and skin's ability to stay hydrated 24 hours after just one application also significantly improves with continued use. A stronger barrier and sustainable supply of moisture help skin fight the signs of premature aging more effectively.

Unique, Signature, Scent:
The signature aqua coral note that lies at the heart of the Hydrationist fragrance is brought to life from the coast of Madagascar. The natural, marine coral scent combines with a hint of algae, fresh ozone, grapefruit, tangerine, and pear to create an aquatic, yet citrusy blend. The natural, green botanical impression is then enhanced with touches of hyacinth, white lily, sheer rose, sandalwood and musk.

Usage: Use morning and night after applying your repair serum on clean skin for a more youthful, healthy look. Non-acnegenic. Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested.

Hydrationist Creme for Dry Skin: 50ml Ultra-comforting creme feels velvety soft as it spreads across skin; absorbs leaving an after-feel of deep hydration, comfort, and suppleness.
Suggested Retail Price: $75.00
Hydrationist Creme for Normal/Combination Skin: 50ml Lusciously soft and refreshing texture immediately soaks into skin, infusing it with moisture and a burst of freshness; leaves skin feeling supple and silky-smooth.
Suggested Retail Price: $75.00
Hydrationist Lotion for Normal/Combination Skin: 50ml Pleasantly lightweight, water-smooth texture glides on effortlessly; quickly absorbed, it leaves skin moisturized, plumped, comfortable, and refreshed.
Suggested Retail Price: $75.00

Hydrationist is available at all Estée Lauder counters and on Stockist Number: 1800 061 326.