Enbacci Complete Body Firming Lotion

Enbacci Complete Body Firming Lotion

The Saponaria Pumila is a perennial plant from the alpine mountains of Europe. Deep rose in colour, the 5 petalled flower sports small fleshy leaves and is recorded to have survived the planet's last glacial period over 11,700 years ago. Resilient in nature, this organism learnt to avoid the harsh wintery conditions of its climate by relocating to rare ice-free peaks called nunataks. Exposed to extreme cold temperatures and high amounts of UV radiation, the Saponaria Pumila successfully adapted to these challenging environments by developing protective repair mechanisms allowing it to suspend its lifecycle and renew itself.


Pioneers in stem cell research, Australian skincare company, Enbacci, has harnessed the restorative abilities of the Saponaria Pumila plant by harvesting and replicating active stem cells from the flower in strict laboratory conditions. Clinically tested in collaboration with Mibelle Biochemistry, findings show that when applied to human skin, Saponaria Pumila stem cells protect from daily environmental stressors whilst increasing skin density, elasticity and firmness.

As Enbacci's first all-over body product since launch, the Complete Body Firming Lotion merges ingredients that have traditionally been reserved for the face and increased potencies to compliment the active stem cells of the Saponaria Pumila plant. Ideal for daily use morning and night, the lotion intensely nourishes and hydrates the skin while visibly toning its appearance in as little as 2 weeks.


Enbacci Complete Body Firming Lotion


The Complete Body Firming Lotion is the first all-over body product to be introduced into the Enbacci skincare line of products. Merging ingredients that have traditionally been reserved for the face and incorporating them with the scientifically derived stem cells of the Saponaria Pumila plant, the Complete Body Firming Lotion intensely nourishes and hydrates while visibly toning the appearance of skin and restoring youthful elasticity.


Directions: Dispense product into palm of hands and evenly distribute over the body by massaging from bottom-up in circular motions.


RRP: $80.00 280ML