Elizabeth Arden Intervene Pause & Effect Moisture Cream & Lotion

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Pause & Effect Moisture Cream & Lotion

Fast paced life. Aging signs....Press the Pause button.................

Elizabeth Arden introduces INTERVENE Pause & Effect Moisture Cream and Lotion SPF 15

Every woman has a time in her life when she feels most beautiful. You recognise the moment. When your life, your looks, your skin is most vibrant and at its peak. Its a time when youd like to stay right where you are forever and put aging signs on pause.

For every woman who wants to press the pause button, Elizabeth Arden introduces INTERVENE Pause & Effect Moisture Cream and Lotion SPF 15.

Go slow for younger looking skin

Everyone knows that a fast paced, high stress life can take a toll on your health. The same is true for your skin, according to new research on skin aging. "Stress affects all the organs in your body including your skin," explains Tony Vargas, Elizabeth Arden Vice President of Research and Development. Challenges to skin from sun exposure, environmental and lifestyle factors can put your skin on high alert, causing it to fast forward as it tries to correct itself. With time, these overreactions begin to accumulate and you notice those first lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and texture. What skin really needs is more recovery time to replenish its energy reserves and regain its strength and protective capabilities.

Its time to INTERVENE.

Intervene was created to put these accelerated aging signs on pause, according to Elizabeth Park, Executive Vice President Global Marketing and General Manager Elizabeth Arden US. "What is so unique about Intervene is that it is a moisturizer with treatment benefits. The key innovation is Biodormin™ technology. It actually works to help slow the visible effects of sun, stress and environmental factors to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It gives skin a noticeably firmer boost. And it provides deep hydration to help restore, replenish and revitalise. So skin stays younger looking longer. Basically, its what every woman wants, as she begins to see the effects of daily living on her skin."

What is Biodormin™ technology?

Biodormin™ technology is an exciting new approach in anti-ageing skincare products. Its primary origin is the botanical extracted from the Tazetta Narcissus Bulb during its period of dormancy. Studies show this extract has the ability to help slow the effects of accelerated aging on the skin.

Other ingredients work with Biodormin™ technology to reinforce the skin to help delay effects of daily environmental stressors. Soy peptides and Red Clover help minimize imbalances in the look of skin caused by fluctuating hormonal and protein levels, and support skins own natural collagen and elastin to give skin a firmer appearance.

INTERVENE also delivers a calming infusion of moisture to rehydrate and revitalise the look of skin, while SPF 15 provides broad spectrum protection from sun exposure.

A multi-tasking cleanser

INTERVENE 3-in-1 Daily Cleanser Exfoliator Primer is a unique foaming formula that cleanses, gently exfoliates and leaves skin primed to receive maximum moisturising and treatment benefits. Its the ideal, multi-tasking first step before INTERVENE Pause & Effect Moisture Cream or Lotion SPF 15.


INTERVENE Pause & Effect Moisture Cream SPF 15 - 50 ml - RRP: $98.00

INTERVENE Pause & Effect Moisture Lotion SPF 15 - 50 ml - RRP: $98.00

INTERVENE Daily 3-in-1 Cleanser Exfoliator Primer - 150 ml - RRP: $48.00

New Intervene Pause & Effect Moisture Cream and Lotion SPF 15 and 3-In-1 Cleanser Exfoliator Primer are at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide.


Tests show Intervene Pause & Effect Moisture Cream/Lotion SPF 15 helps to:

  • Immediately improve skins softness and smoothness
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firms, tones, and tightens skins appearance.
  • Improves skins radiance
  • Maintain skins youthful vitality *Test conducted on 104 women between the ages of 30 - 45.

    INTERVENE Pause and Effect is available at Myer, David Jones and selected retailers nationwide.

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