Dream Dali Hurt Me Single Launch

Dream Dali Hurt Me Single Launch

Dream Dali has unveiled their brooding debut single and video 'Hurt Me'.

Both intimate and expansive, 'Hurt Me' is awash with droning synths, razored guitar and emotive lyricism, channelling the peculiar ache that follows lost love. In Dream Dali's own words, "Hurt Me explores the feelings and emotions of allowing someone into your most vulnerable place and coming out of it with some scars. We put up walls when we are hurt and moving forward from those dark places can be challenging. 'Hurt Me' is about acknowledging the pain of someone ripping at your insides and moving forward." he says.

As its moniker suggests, the multi-faceted project draws on elements of surrealism, as well as Dadaism and 1930s film noire. Dream Dali teamed with Spanish director Silvia Grav to create the visual accompaniment that arrives alongside the track. On working with Grav, Dream Dali says, "Silvia is an amazing Spanish artist who seemed like a natural visual extension of the dark and surreal Dream Dali world. She paired the song with the same sentiment we pour into our music - dissonance and discordance, vulnerability and tension. Silvia's innate creativity to explore the subconscious through jarring movements and uncomfortable visuals really pushed the song to another level."

Beginning as a solo project, Dream Dali recently returned to his home of Australia after extended time spent in Berlin where the project came to fruition. Having cultivated the unique soundscape that is the Dream Dali, the solo artist returned home to expand the project into a full live band, currently based in Brisbane. Performing accompanied by black and white surrealist imagery created by the band. Dream Dali will debut their live show on home soil on June 19th at the Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney. With more music set for release this year and UK and European tour dates in the works, Dream Dali's story is only beginning to unfurl.

Dream Dali Hurt Me Single Launch
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