Dr Melanie Hartmann Braun FaceSpa Pro Interview

Dr Melanie Hartmann Braun FaceSpa Pro Interview

A Smart 3-in-1 Beauty Tool

Introducing the new premium Braun FaceSpa Pro: the world's 1st all-in-one device for hair removal, cleansing and enhanced skin appearance.

Be #BeautyReady, anytime, anywhere with Braun's newest technology.

Modern life can be demanding; whether it's with our careers, hobbies, social life, or family commitments – the list is endless!

Women's lifestyles have never been busier, and often do not allow the freedom to schedule beauty salon appointments on our terms and to our timetable. Braun knows that your life doesn't always fit into the 9-5. That's why its smart tools are designed to be beauty-ready when you are. Introducing the NEW Braun FaceSpa Pro, the world's 1st all-in-one smart device for hair removal, cleansing and enhanced skin appearance for flawless salon-beauty at home.

Braun's 3-in-1, interchangeable heads, and two-speed device, offers an exciting new upgrade to your skincare routine. The Braun FaceSpa Pro features the same facial epilation head and cleansing brushes, with a NEW ergonomically designed MicroVibration head, to address new skin care needs.

RRP $199, available at Shaver Shop.

Interview with Dr Melanie Hartmann, Global Braun Ambassador

Question: What are the features of the Braun FaceSpa PRO?

Dr Melanie Hartmann: The Braun FaceSpa Pro is the world's 1st 3-in-1 facial epilation, cleansing and skin toning device.

This smart beauty tool is threefold – it gently removes facial hair by the root with the epilator attachment for long-lasting smooth skin. The sensitive facial cleansing brush removes impurities from sensitive skin and the MicroVibration head works with your serum or cream for skin-toning effects and application.

Question: How do you use the Braun FaceSpa PRO?

Dr Melanie Hartmann: Hold the FaceSpa Pro with the tweezers against a section of your skin that you keep stretched with your free hand. Carefully guide it with gentle pressure against the direction of hair growth but ensure not to press too hard as this may lead to skin injury. To stretch the upper lip area, use your tongue to push from below.

My tip: If you're epilating for the first time, I would recommend doing this in evening, so that any possible reddening can disappear overnight. To relax the skin, apply a soothing moisturiser.

You should use the gentle cleansing brush as part of your daily cleansing routine with water, soap, cleanser, gel or peeling products. It is 100% waterproof so you can make gentle and thorough cleansing a natural part of your shower routine. The vitalising pad additionally provides an intensive massage to improve your skin appearance. Simply guide the brush/pad with gentle pressure and circular motions - avoid the eye area and hairline!

Finally, use the MicroVibration head for applying your favourite skincare products. The delicate tapping action ensures an efficient and economic application of your skincare product. Slowly guide the MicroVibration head over the 3 face zones (20 seconds each).

Question: What do we need to be cautious of when using products like the Braun FaceSpa PRO, at home?

Dr Melanie Hartmann: All methods of hair removal from the root can lead to skin irritation (e.g. itching, discomfort, reddening) depending on the condition of your skin and hair. This is a normal reaction! It should quickly disappear, but may be stronger when you are removing hair at the root for the first few times or if you have sensitive skin.

My advice is to always prep the skin prior to epilation - exfoliate a few days beforehand and massage the skin just before you epilate to help stimulate the hairs so that they 'sit up' and can be easily removed by the epilation process.

Question: Why are Japanese skincare practices the secret skincare weapon for a fresh and glowing complexion?

Dr Melanie Hartmann: In Japanese skincare practice, gentleness is at the core of the daily routine which is what makes it so popular for achieving healthy, glowing skin. The new FaceSpa Pro in inspired by these practices, with the non-absorbing MicroVibration metal toning head providing a micro-vibration effect on the skin. Thea gentle tapping motion results in better application of your creams and serums.

Question: What are the top skincare mistakes we all need to stop making?

Dr Melanie Hartmann: Not removing all your makeup before washing your face is an absolute no-go in relation to your skincare routine. By doing this, you are essentially mixing the day's makeup with dirt, and smearing it into open pores! It's essential to give your face a once over with makeup wipes and follow with cleanser for the best results.

Over-exfoliating is one mistake almost all of us make, triggering skin to become dry, sensitive and flaky. If you have normal/oily skin, you should exfoliate at least once or twice a week (maximum three times), to remove the layers of dead skin. If you have sensitive skin, exfoliating twice a week could be too much and lead to irritation.

You should also be adapting your cleansing routine according to your skin type. If you have normal to oily skin, cleansing twice daily is recommended. However, those with dry, sensitive skin will benefit from cleansing once at night time and sticking to a splash of warm water in the morning.

Interview by Brooke Hunter