Give your skin a beautiful future with Dr LeWinns Puressence Purifying Masque

Dr. LeWinn's knows it's never too early to start your skincare routine and Australian women in their 20's agree. That's why Dr. LeWinn's Puressence range, specifically developed for 20 plus skin to purify and protect young skin and prevent the signs of premature ageing, has been an outstanding success since its launch in late 2007.

A 'must have for 20 plus skin', the Puressence range contains a unique system that helps protect the skin from free radical and oxidative damage. It is based on a patented biotechnological anti-oxidant ingredient called Venuceane™, which has been scientifically proven to delay the signs of ageing by 5 years within 6 months of continuous use.

Dr. LeWinn's Puressence range is a simple 3 step skincare routine that is formulated to purify the skin for a clear, fresh and more radiant looking complexion, protect the youthful appearance of 20 plus skin and prevent the signs of premature ageing.

The range also contains Perfection Peptide P3, which supports the skin's natural exfoliation and purification process ensuring that a youthful appearance and radiant skin is maintained and Pearl extract to nourish and regenerate the skin.

STEP 1 - Puressence Foaming Cleanser

Puressence Foaming Cleanser - An oil free, non-drying foaming cleanser which cleanses gently yet effectively, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean while removing pore-clogging impurities, makeup and excess oils that can lead to imperfections.

STEP 2 - Puressence Eye Gel

Puressence Eye Gel - A refreshing, light textured Aloe based gel, formulated to minimise the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and'tired eyes' and to promote smoother skin and brighter looking eyes.

STEP 3 - Puressence Day & Night Fluid

Puressence Day & Night Fluid - A light textured and quick absorbing moisturiser specially formulated to give daily protection and nourishment at night.

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TREATMENT - Puressence Purifying Masque

Dr. LeWinn's is excited to announce a new addition to this highly successful Puressence range - Puressence Purifying Masque. This innovative multi benefit formula helps those with an oilier skin type to brighten the complexion while drawing out pore clogging impurities. Formulated with Venuceane (TM), the hero ingredient found throughout the Puressence range, the Purifying Masque also contains:

  • Kaolin and Bentonite clays: the secret of beautiful skin for thousands of years, these specialised clays cleanse, tighten and tone for fresh, smooth skin.
  • Black walnut extract: this effective herbal extract removes the impurities that clog pores and lead to blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts.
  • Perfection Peptide 3: stimulates the natural skin renewal process, boosting its radiance and clarity.

Used once or twice a week, this unique blend of cutting edge biotechnology and natural extracts prevents the signs of ageing for tomorrow and leaves skin clearer and brighter today.

Apply an even layer of the Masque 1-2 times per week to face and neck, excluding eye area. Allow to act for 10-20 minutes and then remove. For best results, follow with Puressence Day and Night Fluid.

Dr LeWinn's Puressence Purifying Masque expands on the original Puressence prodicys of Foaming Cleanser, Eye Gel and Day & Night Fluid. A skincare range carefully formulated and designed for women in their 20's who understand that when it comes to anti-ageing, prevention is better than cure. With Dr. LeWinn's the fight against pre-mature ageing is only a 3 step routine away. It's never too early to look after your skin.

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