Dr Ginni Mansberg Things You Can't Talk About on TV Interview

Dr Ginni Mansberg Things You Can't Talk About on TV Interview

Intimate, Hilarious, Descriptive Yet Completely Factual Detail

The new Audible Originals podcast, Things You Can't Talk About on TV, with well-known TV personality Dr Ginni Mansberg who you may know from Embarrassing Bodies Down Under and Leading Lifestyle and News Commentator, Shelly Horton discusses embarrassing medical issues... in detail. Intimate, hilarious, descriptive yet completely factual detail.

GP Dr Ginni Mansberg and over-sharing journalist Shelly Horton want to remove the shame and secrecy around taboo health topics. They discuss the health questions you just don't want clogging up your internet search history, and use the latest medical research and expert knowledge to get you the answers. Even when they're not the answers you want.

From farts to strange smells, curious discharges to weird sex questions, Dr Ginni Mansberg and Shelly Horton discuss medical issues that would make a middle-aged male breakfast TV host blush.

Things You Can't Talk About On TV is an Audible Original Podcast available now from Audible.com.au/things

Interview with Dr Ginni Mansberg

Question: Can you tell us about Things You Can't Talk About on TV?

Dr Ginni Mansberg: In this Audible Original podcast, Shelly and I chat about the burning questions about our bodies that are too embarrassing to ask a doctor or even to Google. But instead of making up answers or sprouting absolute rubbish, I have consulted the studies where they exist or the medical experts where studies are a tad thin on the ground. I share my own experiences as a GP too. I'm a gun when it comes to vaginas. Shelly has had to teach me an awful lot about penises. As a card-carrying nerd, my knowledge base is weirdly sketchy when it comes to male anatomy.

Question: What inspired the concept of Things You Can't Talk About on TV?

Dr Ginni Mansberg: Shelly and I have been besties for years, having met as regular guests on morning TV. Whenever we catch up, we naturally gravitate the gross, weird and intimate body questions that generally have us in stitches. Especially when we try to imagine a middle-aged TV morning host's face mentioning our favourite topics on his daily broadcast.

And, what fascinates Shelly and I also fascinates our girlfriends, Shelly's zillions of social media followers and my patients. We quickly realised the need was there to combine our weirdest questions with proper, evidence based medical information. Voila, Things You Can't Talk About on TV was born!

Question: What are some of the topics covered in the Things You Can't Talk About on TV episodes?

Dr Ginni Mansberg: The aroma, tone, volume and pitch of farts, what really gives you a BIG vagina, how to successfully pluck nipple hairs, how to increase the volume of semen when you come, what exactly are the medical consequences of the reverse -cowgirl position and can you nipple-gasm after a boob job?

Question: How did you develop these topics for the Podcast?

Dr Ginni Mansberg: Oh that's easy! We just started with the questions most people wanted answers to and went from there; Shelly's head just naturally goes to the most outrageous topics. Generally, we open a bottle or so of wine and that just helps us workshop, there are plenty more ideas where the first lot came from don't worry!

Question: How do you hope this Podcast removes the shame and secrecy around taboo health topics?

Dr Ginni Mansberg: Just knowing that these issues are so common that scientists have studied them will help. And bringing credible medical specialists on-board helps normalise this stuff too. Lots of people worry over what is a completely normal phenomenon (nipple bumps and vaginal discharge) but dismiss things they should take seriously (heavy periods).

Question: What do you hope listeners take from Things You Can't Talk About on TV?

Dr Ginni Mansberg: A good belly laugh and at least two OMG! moments per episode!

Question: What's next, for you?

Dr Ginni Mansberg: We're starting with Season 2 with Audible Originals, More Things you Can't Talk About on TV Live and Dangerous events, a streaming Things You Can't Talk About on TV, TV show and batting off the squillions of invitations to comedy festivals around the world that are flooding in.

Interview by Brooke Hunter