Dove Visible Beauty Revitalising Body Lotion

Dove Visible Beauty Revitalising Body Lotion

Dove Visible Beauty Revitalising Body Lotion

Supreme Moisture For A Visible Difference To Your Skin In Just Three Days

Unlock the potential of your skin everyday
Ever experienced a body lotion which just seems to sit on top of your skin and do nothing but leave a greasy, sticky film on it until it eventually absorbs? Annoying isn't it? But why should we spend our precious time waiting for our body lotion to seep in and do what it's supposed to, moisturise!

Introducing new Dove Visible Beauty Revitalising Body Lotion which treats skin to supreme moisturisation without that sticky, greasy feeling and boasts an invigorating, fruity scent, containing a blend of pear and raspberry, twisted with a zesty touch of lemon and mandarin to leave skin smelling fresh all day long.

The new lotion joins the existing Dove Visible Beauty range, which also includes a body lotion and hand cream. It features a Multi-Layer Complex, which suspends and infuses moisture at all levels of the skin's protective barrier - the surface, the core and deep down where beautiful skin begins - to deliver a supreme moisturising experience. In fact the breakthrough formula delivers visible improvement of skin texture in just three days.

New Dove Visible Beauty Revitalising Beauty Body Lotion features a new fruity fragrance containing a blend of pear and raspberry, twisted with a zesty touch of lemon and mandarin to create an invigorating fresh scent.

The result? Deep down hydration and exceptional care, so skin looks and feels silky smooth.

The skin's protective barrier - the stratum corneum - needs moisture at every layer to be beautiful, but many lotions fail to effectively moisturise all three layers. Unlike other moisturisers, Dove Visible Beauty includes a patented Multi-Layer Complex which is designed to moisturise every layer of skin's protective barrier:The surface is directly exposed to the environment and tends to quickly lose moisture. Dove Visible Beauty contains Glycerol Quat a novel humectant that is designed to stay on the surface of skin in order to prevent dryness by holding moisture in.
The core skin is in a transitional phase as deeper down cells move upwards to replace the surface layer. Dove Visible Beauty helps keep skin functioning properly by helping mature skin cells remain hydrated all the way to the surface.
Deep down is where the new skin cells are maturing and transforming into the protective surface layer of skin. Dove Visible Beauty contains Hydroxyethyl Urea which is designed to help hydrate these deeper down cells, enabling the natural processes of skin to function optimally.

Daniel Mullette, Research & Development - Dove, said: "The Multi-Layer Complex is based on a scientific model that spreads moisturisers all the way through the stratum corneum, increasing moisture levels throughout the skin's driest layers.

"The unique combination of moisturisers are so powerful and effective, they have been scientifically proven to have a visible effect on skin texture within the first three days of use."

New Dove Visible Beauty Revitalising is available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide and is priced at RRP: $7.65 it looks after your skin without breaking the bank. The existing Dove Visible Beauty Body Lotion and Hand Cream are available now:
Dove Visible Beauty Body Lotion 250mL, RRP: $7.65
Dove Visible Beauty Hand Cream 75mL, RRP: $5.49