Dove Go Fresh Revive Nourishing Body Wash

Dove Go Fresh Revive Nourishing Body Wash

Dove Go Fresh Revive Nourishing Body Wash

Are you ready for a shock? Daily showering is one of the single biggest contributors to dry skin and can also damage its appearance. It's true. Until today, cleansing in the shower, even with a body wash that contains added moisturiser, can rob your skin of essential nutrients and its ability to retain moisture. Here's why…
The cleansers, or surfactants in body wash are milder than soap, but can still be harsh on skin, stripping it of lipids (natural moisturisers) and other essential nutrients. Some body washes have moisturiser added to offset this harshness, however this can be merely a 'bandage' solution to reduce the impact of harsh cleansing. Better not to cleanse harshly in the first place! What's required is a combination of mild surfactants, to help minimise the damage caused by cleansing, with skin natural lipids to nourish the skin, leaving it clean, soft, moisturised and healthy looking.

Dove's NEW Nourishing Body Washes with NutriumMoisture® technology do exactly this. The revolutionary new range is proven to help hydrate and nourish skin deep down* and maintain its beauty. It's an evolution of the same technology that revolutionised the beauty industry when the world was introduced to Dove Beauty Bar in 1957.

How Does It Work?
Dove's new technology is based on that used in the iconic Dove Beauty Bar - an ultra mild technology called DEFI (Directly Esterified Fatty Isethionate), which until today has been impossible to recreate in a liquid form.

Dove's patented NutriumMoisture® technology takes the DEFI technology and enriches it with lipids that are found naturally in the layers of beautiful skin. These lipids work to keep the skin's moisture barrier intact, while ultra mild cleansers remove dirt and oil. This lipid delivery technology, coupled with a blend of natural oil and glycerin, completes the nourishing formulation to help leave the skin looking healthy, hydrated and beautiful. It contains:
Lipids - identical to the ones your skin produces, absorb deep into your skin, which rebuilds its beauty from within.
Natural Oils - to absorb quickly to help smooth and soften skin.
Glycerin - a humectant to help hold in your natural moisture.

The formulation further reinforces Dove's position as an innovative and category-changing brand, bringing women unbeatable skin care and cleansing products that help them look and feel their very best.

Daniel Mullette, Dove Research and Development, explains further:
"Dove has been at the forefront of research and breakthrough cleansing technology since the brand's inception. In the 1950s our humble Dove Beauty Bar revolutionised the way the world's women cared for their skin, by providing the first alternative to soap that was less drying to skin. Dove Beauty Bar was, and still is a big beauty hit. Last year, two billion Dove Beauty Bars were produced globally, which, if laid end to end, would reach from New York to Sydney and back six times!

"Now in the 21st Century, as liquid cleansers become more popular, we have turned our innovation to body wash and created NutriumMoisture® - a breakthrough for Dove and a category-changing piece of technology," concluded Daniel.

Barry Clare, Dove Marketing Manager, concludes:
"The range goes beyond moisturisation and is clinically proven to nourish skin in the shower, through its unique combination of mild cleansers and moisturisers. In fact no other body wash on the market contains NutriumMoisture®, hence why the breakthrough formulation is set torevolutionise the skincare market."

Every product in the Dove Nourishing Body Wash range features NutriumMoisture® technology to give skin the essential nutrients it needs to keep nourished and be its most beautiful. New to the range is Dove Revive Nourishing Body Wash, which is infused with a revitalising pomegranate and lemon verbena scent and is available in supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

Dove Go Fresh Revive Nourishing Body Wash
Its revitalising formula effectively nourishes skin
Contains a quenching scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena
The nourishing formulation rinses off cleanly to help leave skin feeling beautiful
375mL, RRP: $6.99

Dove Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash
Features a breakthrough blend of moisturisers enriched with skin natural lipids that can deeply absorb within the skin's surface to nourish deep down when you shower
Leaves your skin feeling soft and supple
A rich creamy formulation that gives a touch of pampering nourishment in the shower
200mL, RRP: $3.99
375mL, RRP: $6.99
700mL, RRP: $10.99
1L, RRP: $12.99

Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash
Is true mildness in a bottle!
Pampers sensitive skin with its deeply nourishing and hypoallergenic formulation
Boasts a neutral scent
375mL, RRP: $6.99

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash
Contains exfoliating beads that lift away dull, lifeless surface skin cells, to help leave skin feeling smooth and polished
200mL, RRP: $3.99
375mL, RRP: $6.99
700mL, RRP: $10.99
1L, RRP: $12.99

Dove Go Fresh Fresh Touch Nourishing Body Wash
Contains a gentle formula, which provides cool refreshment and effectively nourishes skin
Has a refreshingly, soothing scent of cucumber and green tea
375mL, RRP: $6.99

Dove Go Fresh Burst Nourishing Body Wash
Gently cleanses and nourishes skin with its ultralight, hydrating gel formula
Has a mouth-watering scent of nectarine and white Ginger
375mL, RRP: $6.99

Dove Pink Nourishing Body Wash
Has a mild formula that nourishes skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth
Contains a floral, sweet fragrance for a relaxing shower experience
Proudly supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia and The New ZealandBreast Cancer Foundation, helping to fund research into prevention and cure
375mL, RRP: $6.99

Directions: For daily use in the shower, use a small amount (about one teaspoon), apply all over your body and then rinse thoroughly. For maximum lather, massage over wet skin with a shower puff and rinse thoroughly. After use, rinse puff and hang to dry.

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