Dove Damage Therapy Treatment Masks

Dove Damage Therapy Treatment Masks

Dove Damage Therapy Treatment Masks

Everyday hair can be subjected to brushing, towel drying and styling. Even simple styles like a sleek ponytail or a voluminous blow dry can damage both the outside and the inside of the hair, weakening its structure.

That's why the damage repair experts at Dove developed Dove Damage Therapy Treatment Masks, a NEW range which is scientifically proven to work and give hair a little extra tender loving care by doubling the levels of conditioners in your haircare routine*.

Designed to be used weekly, after shampoo and conditioning, the fast melting formula with Fibre Actives and Vita Protein Complex provides advanced internal repair benefits. Fibre Actives work by absorbing deeply to help bind proteins in the core of hair to boost its inner strength and help build resilience to future damage.
Meaning you can carry on doing the things you love to your hair, without the worry of damage!

The new range features three rinse out treatment masks - Intensive Repair, Colour Care and Heat Defence - all formulated to help repair dry or damaged hair caused by heat, chemical and styling treatments.

Certified Trichologist, David Salinger, said: "It's no secret that most things women do to their hair can cause damage, weakening the hair fibres and eventually leading to breakage. "That's why conditioning treatments, like Dove Damage Therapy Treatment Masks, should be incorporated into every woman's haircare routine to help compensate for this damage and provide protection against future damage, so women can enjoy healthy hair."

The Formulation
While some treatments may only mask the symptoms of damage, Dove's unique formulation combines surface and internal repair technology to provide advanced damage repair. It contains:
Conditioning ingredients to improve both wet and dry detangling properties of hair to reduce damage caused by brushing and towel drying. These ingredients also seal the cuticle layer to help smooth hair and prevent further damage and moisture loss.
Moisturising serums and oils lock moisture in hair to keep it looking and feeling healthy and manageable.
Vita-protein complex, which is made up of ingredients such as proteins, amino acids and Vitamin E to help replenish natural hair ingredients.
Fibre Actives, which help rebuild internal intra-protein bonds within the hair cortex to repair internal damage, improving hair's internal resistance to damage caused by bleaching, colouring, heat and UV.

Daniel Mullette, Research & Development - Dove Damage Therapy, said: "The new range provides a regular conditioning boost to people's haircare routines when used in addition to daily conditioning and overnight treatments.

"Each Dove Damage Therapy Treatment Mask has a deeply conditioning formulation which contains significant levels of Fibre Actives to help repair and strengthen damaged hair from the inside out in a way that is unique to Dove."

Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Treatment Mask Helps ensure hair is more resilient to future damage. 200mL, RRP: $8.79
Dove Damage Therapy Heat Defence Treatment Mask Helps ensure hair is more resilient to the high temperatures of heat styling. 200mL, RRP: $8.79
Dove Damage Therapy Colour Care Treatment Mask Helps lock in shiny hair colour for twice as long*.200mL, RRP: $8.79

Available May

Directions: Use as part of your weekly hair routine, massage generously into washed, damp hair concentrating from the middle to the ends. Leave for 3-5 minutes and then rinse out.

*Dove Shampoo, conditioner and mask versus Dove Shampoo and conditioner alone