Diana Valia Chen svvet Interview

Diana Valia Chen svvet Interview

Diana Valia Chen svvet Interview

Australian activewear label, svvet, is bucking the athleisure trend with a range of workout wear designed for actual workouts, not fashion. Designed with simple colours and minimal branding, svvet argues the industry has become too fashion-focused, with performance and comfort often overlooked.

Designed by founder, Diana Valia Chen, svvet was born due to an ongoing frustration with uncomfortable workout wear that didn't stay in place. Tired of pulling down tops, hitching up pants and loosening away annoying middle seams, she realised there was a gap in the market for comfortable workout wear for women who actually want to work out.

Featuring a uniquely patented design, svvet's tights boast a high cut waist without the uncomfortable middle seam; which means no wedgies, no bunching, no fidgeting, and no readjusting. With high quality fabrics and a sleek, flattering design, svvet's goal is to give women the confidence to workout, distraction free.

svvet founder, Diana Valia Chen, explains, 'The middle seam in workout tights has always baffled me – it's completely uncomfortable and obviously wasn't designed with exercise in mind. svvet tights are more like sports knickers with legs – we've gotten rid of that middle seam altogether. The butt area is also double layered and won't go see through, so women can have the confidence to go commando if they wish.

'svvet activewear is designed for real workouts, not fashion. We've gone with a flattering cut that enhances a woman's shape, but ultimately, the range is designed with comfort and performance in mind; no scratchy tags, no zippers that dig. Plus, all svvet tops are designed to stay in place without riding up mid-workout – even when upside down."

With many declaring the athleisure trend still on the rise, Ms Chen believes it's important for consumers to distinguish between athleisure and workout wear. 'It's fine if you choose to wear yoga pants to brunch, but know that not all -activewear' is right for the gym. For women who actually want to work out, it's time to look beyond fashion and start thinking about performance."

svvet tights are available in black and come in a range of lengths; full length (RRP $89), 7/8 (RRP $85), 3/4 (RRP $79) and short (RRP $69). svvet tops are available in red or grey, and are available in tank top, sleeveless V, or short-sleeved top (RRP $65). For more information visit www.svvet.com.

Interview with Diana Valia Chen

Question: Why did you create svvet?

Diana Valia Chen: I was exercising regularly and found that all the workout wear I owned didn't perform when I needed it the most. Frustrated with what the market offered, I believed that there could be a better solution. I wanted women to feel like they could focus on their workout, rather than adjusting their clothing all the time.

Question: Who did you have in mind when you created svvet?

Diana Valia Chen: All the women out there who want to exercise without having to adjust their clothing during a workout.

Question: Can you talk about the redesign of the workout tight pattern?

Diana Valia Chen: Women's tights either have a middle seam or completely seamless. The seamless tights are machine woven, similar to pantyhose, so tend to be more transparent and not suitable for many situations.

Dancers and gymnasts wear leotards because they don't have a middle seam, which means they can push their bodies to more extreme shapes without having to worry about the dreaded wedgie I wanted to combine this idea with the modern day tights, so just think of svvet tights as an extension of the leotard.

Question: Why was it important to remove the middle seam?

Diana Valia Chen: The middle seam in women's tights creates discomfort during exercise. Why did we have it in the first place? We should be working with our anatomy, not against it.

Question: What's special about the svvet tops?

Diana Valia Chen: All svvet tops are designed for comfort, coverage, and ability to stay in place. Features include armholes that are cut higher to cover those jiggly bits, an extra layer around the bust, more fabric and looser fitting around the mid-region, and tight around the bottom to hold the top in place.

Question: Most importantly, is the svvet range, see-through?

Diana Valia Chen: Our tights are made from extra thick material and have an added layer in the pant area, so you could comfortably go commando in your next yoga session. Our tops also have an additional layer around the bust to protect those assets.

Question: Do you have a favourite product, in the range?

Diana Valia Chen: I actually wear the whole range of tights depending on the exercise and weather conditions. For example, the full-length tights are great for paddleboardng and sailing as they protect my skin from the sun, and the shorts are great for spin classes as it can get pretty sweaty in there at times! As for the tops, my go to would be the tank, but if I'm hiking with a backpack, I like the one with sleeves.

Question: What's a typical week's exercise regime like for you?

Diana Valia Chen: I just love exercise and would give anything a go. I try to mix it up every week, but it generally includes 2-3 sessions of indoor bouldering, 1-2 sessions of yoga or Pilates, and sailing on the weekends. I also like to get out for a hike or bike ride when the weather is nice.

Question: Where do you find motivation?

Diana Valia Chen: We live in a digital age where we can see and read about so many amazing people doing amazing things all over the world. We are all the same species, so unless they have super powers, then all of us should be able to achieve great things if we just work at it. The motivation is all around us.

Question: And lastly, what's your motto?

Diana Valia Chen: If something doesn't work then make one that does.

Interview by Brooke Hunter