Derma e Psorzema Crème and Body Wash

Derma e Psorzema Crème and Body Wash

Derma e Psorzema Crème and Body Wash

Specialists in natural skincare solutions, Derma e, have developed soothing Psorzema Crème and Body Wash for people with severely dry and inflamed skin, due to eczema and psoriasis.

One such sufferer was Queensland-based, Holly Ralph, who at the age of 11, was diagnosed as having a rare form of psoriasis, rarely seen in patients under 60 years of age. After struggling with the emotional and physical difficulties associated with her condition, Holly and her mother, Tina discovered Derma e's range and they have never looked back.

Holly's condition affected her legs and trunk and her symptoms included red raised skin, cracked skin fissures and bleeding.

'For two years, I thought we'd tried everything, from topical to oral medications but nothing worked," says Tina.

Holly explains how the effects of her condition impacted every aspect of her life. 'I've always wanted to be a model but I had to cover myself completely and wear jeans every day, no matter the temperature," says Holly. 'I even felt too self-conscious to go to sleepovers with my friends."

'Then we found Derma e Psorzema products and to be honest, it was a last ditch effort and I didn't have much hope it would work," says Tina. 'To our surprise, after three days Holly's legs started improving. After only a week, all the patches and scabs had gone. After a fortnight, Holly's legs looked completely normal. I was simply amazed, not only by the results, but how quickly they took effect,"

Derma e Psorzema Crème and Body Wash blend herbal extracts and vitamins to provide naturally soothing relief for those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema.

Psorzema Crème & Body Wash combine a range of nature's most effective healing ingredients:
Neem – a detoxifying herb that promotes healing and calms inflamed skin.
Burdock root – which has phytochemicals that help destroy certain fungi and bacteria

These ingredients, combined with bearberry and chamomile, enhance its soothing effect on the skin. Derma e Psorzema products are free of steroids or any coal or pine tars.

'People often believe that products must contain chemicals to treat severe skin conditions because they just can't believe that a natural remedy can be the cure they're looking for. Holly's incredible story proves how our bodies can heal themselves, with a little help from nature," says Derma e Australia Brand Manager, Marc Shrapnel.

'I'm looking forward to pursuing my dream of modelling and I have Derma e to thank for this," says Holly.
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