Creatures of Australia: An Immersive Digital Experience

Creatures of Australia: An Immersive Digital Experience

Creatures of Australia: An Immersive Digital Experience Round up the family and experience the wild cinematic beauty of Australia's extraordinary wildlife like never before!

Creatures of Australia, a stunning interactive digital experience showcasing some of Australia's most beautiful and unique animals, is set to launch at Sydney's Fever Pavilion at Sydney Olympic Park on July 5, 2024.

In an exclusive world-first WILD cinematic experience, arriving just in time for the winter school holidays, families and nature lovers can explore the extensive Australian wildlife through a captivating compilation of high-speed cinematography, larger-than-life projections and immersive, experiential spaces.

Presented by AGB Creative, Creatures of Australia is brought to life through interactive digital environments and by award-winning filmmaker Dale Bremner ACS - whilst learning about conserving endangered creatures, protecting their habitats, and ensuring their longevity for future generations.

Anthony Bastic AM, CEO and Executive Creative Director of AGB said: "This project is a heartfelt tribute to our country's natural heritage, crafted to captivate and educate both locals and visitors alike. Each element of this experience has been designed to bring our audience closer to the wonders of the Australian wild, allowing them to see, hear, and feel the presence of these iconic species in a completely new way."

The ten wildlife projections will offer an immersive journey into their animalistic behaviours, offering a new and colourful insight and education into our country's most mysterious, cute and dangerous creatures promising an unforgettable experience. From close-up views of kookaburras to detailed observations of koalas, kangaroos, and reptiles, guests will be transported into the natural habitats of these remarkable species.

Dale Bremner ACS explains "During the process of capturing these images, I felt a deeper level of connection to nature. One not seen through my eyes, but felt through my heart. AGB Creative's 'Creatures of Australia' is more than an intimate reflection of Australia's unique wildlife, it is an intimate reflection of ourselves. It is an exquisite opportunity to be truly humbled, the way only nature can truly humble us."

Meet the carers who are the behind-the-scenes heroes in wildlife protection, and hear stories about their experiences and role in protecting endangered species. You'll also be able to meet individual animals by name, as hyper close-up imagery shows you details of each animal that most people would never witness in the wild.

Guests can also explore an interactive landscape where every step unveils the hidden secrets of Australia's diverse habitats. Feel the ground react underfoot - sand shifts, leaves rustle, and water ripples away as you journey through this digital wilderness.

Perfect for animal lovers of all ages, Creatures of Australia is an ideal family day out or a fun activity with friends. Whether you're a wildlife expert or eager to learn more about these wondrous and beautiful animals, this exhibition will leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Australian wildlife and conservation efforts.

Creatures of Australia will launch at Fever Pavilion, Sydney Olympic Park on July 5, 2024. Tickets start at $25 per person and the experience will be open during the school holidays with various sessions available.

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