Satisfaction DVDs

Satisfaction DVDs

Thanks to Magna Pacific & Fremantle Media here is your chance to win home-grown television dram 'Satisfaction' the first season on DVD.

Featuring a stellar local cast including Diana Glenn (Secret Life Of Us, Oyster Farmer), Kestie Morassi (Wolf Creek), Bojana Novakovic (Marking Time), Peta Sergeant (Canal Road), Madeleine West (Underbelly) and TV WEEK Silver Logie Award winning Alison Whyte (SeaChange, Frontline), this hit Australian series follows the lives of a group of beautiful high-class escorts working at 232, a gentlemen's club in Melbourne.

SATISFACTION is an exploration of the relationships between these women; the bonds of friendship, the competition, the loyalty, the ruthlessness, the camaraderie. The stories are grounded and real - shocking, touching, funny, disturbing, intelligent and sexy.

Following its television premiere on showcase in December 2007, SATISFACTION was an immediate success with actress Alison Whyte going on to win the 2008 TV WEEK Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Actress. The second season is currently in production in Melbourne, and due to air on showcase in late 2008.

Series creator Roger Simpson (Halifax fp, Stingers) knew that the stories of SATISFACTION would deal with universal themes of human sexuality: "Immediately it felt like here was a drama that could be about sex and transactions and boundaries and secrets - about what is permitted and what is forbidden". Daryl O'Connor, Senior Vice President - Home Entertainment of Fremantle Media Australia, sees the DVD release as a pivotal step forward in the growth of the Fremantle Home Entertainment label: "Satisfaction is a first class drama series that has proven its popularity with Australian audiences. We look forward to its success on DVD in the Australian market."

The DVD release of SATISFACTION SEASON 1 will include all 10 episodes from the original series broadcast, along with several special bonus features exclusive to DVD.

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