Redkora Silk Sleepwear

Redkora Silk Sleepwear

Thanks to Redkora here is your chance to win one of 2 x Redkora Silk Sleepwear 'Danielle' long nightgowns valued at $148.00 each.


Redkora Silk Sleepwear is all about making every woman feel beautiful, amazing and gorgeous, naturally. It is all about spoiling, pampering, finding the beauty within, and looking after you and your loved ones!!!

Redkora has a beautiful range of finest quality 100% pure silk sleepwear. The luxury catalogue is stunning featuring in a number of gorgeous pure silk nightgowns and sensational yet comfortable boyleg hipster briefs.

Redkora has become quite the sought after trend in the finest luxury sleepwear due to its special attention to not only making you look and feel luxurious in your sleepwear, but also help boost your health by wearing it!

"For our customers it is all about women feeling beautiful, gorgeous, and worthwhile, pampering and truly learning to look after themselves. So right from the start, we wanted to create something beautiful and gorgeous, and also FUN for our customers that was also an ALL NATURAL product.

With so many people these days wanting eco friendly products, who also suffer from allergies and all sorts of health issues, we wanted to create something that was not only beautiful to look at, and which feels like a million dollars on you when you wear it, but also very good and healthy for you too," says redkora.

We know you will absolutely love the way you feel sleeping in the most naturally beautiful and luxurious silk from redkora, so visit !

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