Postman Pat family passes

Postman Pat family passes

Thanks to Pinnacle Films here is your chance to win one of 25 x Postman Pat Family (4) passes.


Voice Talent: Stephen Mangan, Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbent, Ronan Keating & David Tennant.

Postman Pat, a humble and beloved postman, lives an idyllic life in the charming village of Greendale with his wife Sara and his young son Julian. But when new Special Delivery Service (SDS) employee Edwin Carbunkle, obsessed with efficiency, hatches a plot to take over the SDS, Pat's plans to take his wife on a proper honeymoon to Italy topple. Removing the kindly Postal CEO, and installing a workforce of robot postmen, are at the heart of Carbunkle's evil scheme.

Meanwhile after viewing an episode of You're The One, a TV talent contest, Pat decides to compete for the grand prize, which includes a recording contract and, as fate would have it, a trip to Italy!  Pat is a singing sensation, (singing voiced by Ronan Keating) and emerges as a finalist to compete at the big finale in London. Along the way, Pat falls prey to the trappings of fame and fortune and becomes an unwitting pawn in Carbunkle's dastardly plot. Will Pat's sudden turn in the spotlight  cost him the very things that he holds dearest: his family, his friends and his job?  Only  time and fate will tell…!   Rated 'G' and featuring the voice talent of Stephen Mangan, Rupert Grint, Ronan Keating, David Tennant and Jim Broadbent, POSTMAN PAT will screen in cinemas nationally from Saturday 16 August, through Pinnacle Films

POSTMAN PAT is releasing nationally on Saturday 16 August