Neat 3B Face Savers

Neat 3B Face Savers

Thanks to Neat Feat here is your chance to win one of 12 x Neat 3B Face Savers valued at $16.95 each.


Make Neat 3B Face Saver your best friend this summer


Excessive perspiration on your body can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing, but when it's your face that is covered in beads of perspiration, it can make you feel even worse.


Facial perspiration is caused by numerous factors, the most common being hot and humid weather, which can leave your face dripping like a tap, sweat running into your eyes, hair stuck to your head and for women, make-up sliding off your face which is never a good look.


Other reasons include stress, acute nervousness/embarrassment over events such as public speaking, or being the centre of attention. Physical exertion including exercise or sport, and it simply being hot!


Until now, you've to had to dab away at the sweat, but thanks to Neat 3B Face Saver you can kiss facial perspiration goodbye.


This fantastic gel evaporates rapidly from the surface of the skin leaving the active, antiperspirant ingredient as a thin film with an antiperspirant effect will last for several hours.

Neat 3B Face Saver is best applied before makeup (it is also a brilliant primer), moisturiser or sunscreen, which will also help those products remain on your skin for much longer, but may be applied at any time.

For the best results, apply Neat 3B Face Saver to your forehead, upper lip and back of your neck. As with most products applied to the face, avoid near the eye area and in this instance, scalp.

So simply carry a tube in your handbag, gym bag, briefcase and you'll always feel cool, calm and collected, and you'll definitely save face in any situation.



Neat 3B Face Saver is available through leading pharmacies.
RRP: $16.95  

Stockist Info:1800 632 833

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