Kenwood Blend-X Pro

Kenwood Blend-X Pro

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Kenwood is first to market with the most powerful and intelligent blender yet


Kenwood is shaking up the food preparation category with the launch of its innovative Blend-X Pro, a revolutionary blender with new patented MultiZone™ Blade Technology that will push the boundaries in any kitchen.

Making this product truly unique, Kenwood has focused on improving design across blade configuration, motor power and intelligent user programming.  Backed by years of experience and expertise in food preparation, the system has been specifically developed to blend, crush and chop ingredients within seconds.  

new MultiZone™ Blade Technology incorporates three blades that have been carefully designed to offer precision cutting action at the touch of a button.  It gives consumers the power to go beyond blending to produce a variety of desired textures required in food preparation.  From a chocolate and hazelnut spread to a passionfruit martini, the three blades spate each layer ensuring more of the blades are in contact with more of the food, even more of the time.  Working seamlessly together, the upper blade zone has serrated blades that cross paths to create the ideal chopping action.  The lower blade zone ensures all ingredients are swept up and either chopped or blended from all around the base, and the pinnacle blade assists the movement of ingredients.   

The innovative appliance also has six dedicated pre-set programmes that go above and beyond other blenders.  Not only does it feature both a coarse and fine grind function, but also crushes up to 16 cubes of ice at any one time, all without having to change the attachments.  The Blend-X Pro will stop automatically when the programme is complete.

Paolo Albertoni, chief executive officer for Kenwood explains, 'We've spent a lot of time researching and developing the Blend-X Pro so that we could introduce a blender that's completely unique.  We know that more and more consumers are becoming health conscious and are preparing homemade foods using fresh, raw ingredients, so we wanted to create something that would not only excite and save them time but also provide them with professional results that they really can't get elsewhere.

'The innovative MultiZone™ Blade Technology and six pre-set functions enable users to widen the scope from any other blender currently available.  The system personifies efficiency delivering approximately 30% more cutting area and up to 95% goblet use versus 70% to other blenders[1].  So whether it's creating healthy smoothies, hearty soups, dips or crushed ice for drinks, to grinding up spices or coffee beans, consumers can be sure that the Kenwood Blend-X Pro will provide perfect results every time." 

The accompanying 1.6l Thermoresist glass jug can handle temperatures from boiling to freezing with ease and does not retain the flavours or colours of previous contents.  The design of the glass goblet has also been improved to totally eliminate traps, making this a kitchen must for any discerning cook.

The Kenwood Blend-X Pro is now available  in all major electrical retailers and department stores, priced at $399. For more information please visit or call 1800 126 659.

[1]Based upon Kenwood lab testing results