God's Own Country Movie Tickets

God's Own Country Movie Tickets

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God's Own Country


Cast: Josh O'Connor, Alec Secareanu, Gemma Jones
Director: Francis Lee
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rated: MA15+
Running Time: 104 Minutes

Synopsis: Spring. Yorkshire. Johnny Saxby (24) carries the weight of his family's dilapidating sheep farm alone. His formidable grandmother Deirdre (70) is now too old to work the land, whilst his father Martin (50), once a capable farmer, struggles in the aftermath of a stroke. Socially and geographically isolated and overwhelmed by the responsibility, yet too proud to accept any help, Johnny numbs his frustration with drink, dope and casual sex.

Against Johnny's wishes, his family insist on hiring a farm labourer to help with the week of lambing. Gheorghe (27) arrives, a Romanian migrant worker keen for some real farming after a string of menial, degrading jobs. They are sent up onto the isolated moors, where they must sleep in a primitive stone shelter whilst they lamb the sheep. Gheorghe works hard, slowly winning Johnny's begrudging respect with his skill and care for the animals, as they work silently in the harsh conditions.

This growing chemistry between them results in an intense, instinctive sexual encounter. The next day they go back to work as if nothing had happened, then explore each other sexually again that night. Whereas his previous sexual encounters have been purely functional, Gheorghe is awakening something new and exciting in Johnny.

With both lads struggling to come to terms with what their time on the moor really meant and what they want from each other, Martin suffers another severe stroke and Johnny rushes to hospital to see him. With the future of the farm, his father's life and his fledgling first relationship all hanging in the balance, Johnny feels more isolated and powerless than ever. Sent back to the farm on their own by Deirdre to tend to the animals, Johnny and Gheorghe slip into an unspoken domestic life. But soon Gheorghe's contract will come to an end...

Deirdre returns to the farm to collect some things for Martin and makes it clear that Martin will now be completely incapacitated. The pressure mounts for Johnny and he drags Gheorghe to the pub. Old habits die-hard however and after several pints, Gheorghe discovers Johnny drunkenly having sex with another man in the pub toilets. Gheorghe's trust has been broken, and he decides to leave the farm and Johnny.

Johnny returns to work, trying to overcome the pain, longing and uncertain emotions, which consume him about what he has done to Gheorghe. He realises he could work the land and keep the farm going, but he doesn't want to do it alone any more.

For the first time in his life, Johnny leaves Yorkshire to find Gheorghe in Scotland, where he's picked up work on a potato farm. Exhausted from his long journey, Johnny eventually finds Gheorghe, but will he find the words to convince him to come back?

God's Own Country

Release Date: August 31st, 2017

Tickets valid in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, only.

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