Win a limited edition Alex Perry silk robe from Electrolux

Win a limited edition Alex Perry silk robe from Electrolux

Thanks to Electrolux, has a free limited edition, Alex Perry silk robe worth $300 to giveaway. For your chance to win, please tell us on 25 words or less your best fabric care advice.

Experts in Fashion and Fabric Care, Alex Perry and Electrolux understand that knowing your way around the laundry is the answer to making your favourite clothes last and together have compiled some expert advice on fabric care.

1) Take the wonder out of bras - always wash white lingerie in a detergent for colours which doesn't contain bleach. Most white synthetic lingerie is dyed white, so when you wash it with bleach, the white colour is bleached.

2) Don't sweat it - to remove perspiration and deodorant stains or marks rub with soap first and then wash as recommended.

3) Weighing in on load size - a washing machine like the Electrolux Time Manager with a weight sensor helps you put in the right amount of clothes. It's also a good idea to mix bigger and smaller garments for better circulation in the drum.

4) Don't get your knickers in a knot - wash bags are inexpensive insurance, the little nylon net bag protects, underwire bras, lace panties and nylon pantyhose as they tumble in the washer - don't forget to give the garments room to move by keeping the wash bag half full.

5) Red lipstick and red wine, no longer the devil - pre-treat lipstick stains with dishwashing liquid and then wash as recommended. Cover red wine stains with table salt to absorb the wine, pre-wash by hand with dishwashing liquid, then wash as recommended, preferably with a detergent containing bleach.

6) Fatal attraction - if possible don't dry synthetic fabrics with other fabrics, as they tend to attract lint, resulting in dreaded pilling.

7) Powder or liquid - it doesn't matter, so long as you use a detergent with bleach for whites or without bleach for colours, and one without enzymes for wool and silk. More importantly, don't overdose your machine if you want good results.

8) Get sorted on fabric issues - different fabrics should be washed and dried in different ways. Sort your clothes, by fabric into two main groups: man-made fibres and natural fibres for best results. The Electrolux Energy Star dryer has a range of thoughtful programs providing the gentlest drying of silk, wool and other delicate mix fabrics.

9) A delicate issue - delicate fabrics benefit from less frequent cleaning - a 'refresh' cycle, as featured on the Electrolux Iron Aid Dryer, is a great way to freshen up your dresses in between wears.

10) Care is in the label - it sounds like a no brainer but knowing exactly how to care for your precious garments is the key to keeping them amazing.

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You can also receive a free limited edition Alex Perry silk robe when you purchase any Electrolux washing machine or dryer between 22 Oct - 31 Dec.

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