Australian Baby Hands

Australian Baby Hands

Thanks to Australian Baby Hands, here is your chance to win an autographed copy of Jackie Durnin's new book 'Australian Baby Hands'.

What is your crying baby trying to tell you?
Discover how to use basic Australian sign language to unlock your baby's mind...

In less than 10 minutes a day!

Learn how to communicate with your preverbal baby in a fun simple way and potentially xpose your baby to numerous benefits:
  • Provide a strong foundation for early literacy
  • Stimulate your baby's brain development and potentially increase their I.Q.
  • Empower your baby to communicate before they can speak
  • Australian Baby Hands helps reduce frustration for both you and your baby, saving you time, energy and tears!

    *10% of all profits of Australian Baby Hands are being donated to Deaf Children Australian.

    Jackie Durnin - Author of Australian Baby Hands wrote the book when she discovered that here were very few resources for parents to use that were with Auslan, the national sign language of Australia.This book has been endorsed by Deaf Children Australia and has had several recommended reading reviews from national childcare associations.

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