Colour for a Cause for Ovarian Cancer

Colour for a Cause for Ovarian Cancer

Colour for a Cause for Ovarian Cancer

In a show of support for women affected by ovarian cancer, Ovarian Cancer Australia Ambassadors Gary Sweet (-House Husbands' actor) and Cameron Smith (Melbourne Storm, Queensland & Australian rugby league captain) have called on Australians, particularly men, to paint their nails teal – the international colour for ovarian cancer – at the national launch for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

The Chemmart MANicure campaign encourages men to take a stand against ovarian cancer through the purchase of a limited edition teal -Colour for a Cause' nail polish pack from Chemmart Pharmacies and painting their nails teal throughout the month of February. They are then asked to challenge their mates to do the same.

All funds raised from the purchase of the -Colour for a Cause' pack go towards Ovarian Cancer Australia to assist in their efforts of awareness, support, advocacy and research.

Gary Sweet does not see this as a -women's only' disease.

'The women are the ones who are most impacted but we are all affected by ovarian cancer and we should all do whatever we can to reduce the occurrence of it for the future," said Sweet.

'I would love to see teal nail polish on all men and women during the month of February so I am calling on all my mates to take up the challenge and get real for teal with a teal manicure like I have done!"
Cameron Smith joined Sweet in rallying the country to get involved.

'Together we can each make a small difference in a large, collective fight against ovarian cancer. I'm going to join in on the fun and paint my nails to raise funds and awareness. I hope all Australians – particularly the guys – will, too!" said Smith.

Four women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day and three women will die from the disease. Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of any women's cancer with a five year survival rate of 43 per cent, and there has been little improvement over the last 20 years. In comparison, the overall five year survival rate for breast cancer is 89 per cent.

With no early detection test for the disease, the best way of detecting the ovarian cancer is to know and recognise the symptoms which most commonly include: abdominal or pelvic pain, increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating, the need to urinate often or urgently, or feeling full after eating a small amount. If symptoms persist over a four week period, women should consult their GPs.

Chemmart Pharmacies nationally will stock a limited edition -Colour for a Cause' teal nail polish pack for $6.99 during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month with all proceeds going directly to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Chemmart has been a dedicated supporter of Ovarian Cancer Australia since its inception 14 years ago.
Casey Central Chemmart Pharmacist Carolyn Wynen also explained that Chemmart pharmacies will be offering in-store manicures in return for a gold coin donation which will be passed directly onto Ovarian Cancer Australia.

'Chemmart is thrilled to again be involved in Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and we are particularly excited about the launch MANicure," she said.

'I'm looking forward to glamming up the local males this month with a lovely manicure so they can make a difference to the lives of women living with ovarian cancer."

Ovarian Cancer Australia Founding Board Director Simon Lee said that 2015 is the year for taking action and the organisation is already seeing a groundswell of people wanting to get involved in Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

'The Chemmart MANicure initiative is a fantastic way to raise awareness and funds for the organisation but also to engage men in the campaign and enable them to contribute to a cause often focused very much on the females," said Lee.

Ovarian Cancer Australia Ambassador and celebrity chef Karen Martini also attended launch event and painted her nails teal.

The -Colour for a Cause' nail polish pack can be purchased in store or online at