Clean House Season 9

Clean House Season 9

Clean House

After rescuing more than 120 homes from the ravages of clutter, Style's two time Daytime Emmy- nominated series "Clean House," is back for its ninth season helping new families clean up their acts. Under the direction of Niecy Nash and her "clean team" of experts - yard sale diva Trish Suhr, interior designer Mark Brunetz and go-to guy Matt Iseman - the show consistently helps families battle the disorganisation in their homes and learn the root causes for such chaotic clutter. The season premiere of "Clean House" airs on weekdays at 10:30pm on The Style Network

In the premiere episode of the new season viewers will meet Vicky and Ron, a married couple who hasn't cleaned out any clutter since their 1982! The clutter in their home is so bad that Vicky only can use her dining room once a year and their daughter, Tracey, flat-out refuses to let her boyfriend in the house. This family is quickly falling apart as a result of their clutter chaos. Are Niecy and the team too late? Or, can this once happy family regain control of their home?

Throughout the season the "clean team's" goals remain clear: tackling both the mountains of 'stuff' and the emotional causes hidden beneath them. Each one hour episode includes a comprehensive tour of the home where Niecy and her team can ascertain what level of clutter they are up against. After some coaxing, all of the items are addressed and the family decides what must stay and what must go. Once all the unwanted possessions have been compiled, yard sale diva Trish jumps into action by organising a sale to help fund the long-overdue home makeover. After the yard sale wraps and the house has been cleared, acclaimed interior designer Mark Brunetz and handyman Matt Iseman help breathe new life into the family's living space by creating fresh new looks for the previously-messy rooms.

Also this season, the team meets their match when encounter a woman who refuses to give up her full size mannequins, her walking life size Barbie doll and in reference to her wildly cluttered room proclaims, "Who would want a bedroom when you can have a huge closet instead?" Will the homeowners be able to handle it when yard-sale patrons begin bargaining for their things? Do Niecy and the team have what it takes to battle more clutter than ever before? Will the families be able to part with their "junk?" Be sure to tune in when an all-new season of "Clean House" returns.

Clean House: weekdays @ 10:30pm on The Style Network
(The Style Network is available on FOXTEL and AUSTAR on Channel 122)