Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle
Date of Birth:
May 2, 1952
Place of Birth:
Cinematographer, Actor, Photographer, And Film Director
Years active:
1978–present (photographer); 1983–present (cinematographer)

Christopher Doyle - Biography Summary

Christopher Doyle, also known as Dù Kěfēng (Mandarin) or Dou Ho-Fung (Cantonese) (traditional Chinese: 杜可風; simplified Chinese: 杜可风) (born 2 May 1952) is an Australian-Hong Kong cinematographer who often works on Chinese language films. He has won awards at the Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival, as well as AFI Award for cinematography, the Golden Horse awards (four times), and Hong Kong Film Award (six times). Doyle is an affiliate of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers.

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