Charlie Collins Beer InCider Experience Interview

Charlie Collins Beer InCider Experience Interview

Say Yes To Life

Tamworth-raised, story-telling and self-confessed cowgirl, Charlie Collins was 11-years-old when she started pushing her way on stage at the local pub.

After playing in various bands both in Australia and overseas, Charlie toured nationally with Gang of Youths on their Say Yes To Life tour, before releasing her debut album, Snowpine in May this year.

She's one of 2019's acts to watch, with her brilliant song-writing and indie instrumentals of Wish You Were Here and her soft guitar-backed sounds of Mexico.

You can catch Charlie Collins at Beer InCider Experience at the Brisbane Showgrounds, Saturday, 21 September, along with Hockey Dad, Ruby Fields, Dear Seattle and more.

Beer InCider Experience Brisbane
Date: Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of September 2019
Time: From 4:30PM – 10:00PM on Friday and 11.00PM – 10.00PM on Saturday
Age limit: 18 plus
Where: Brisbane Showgrounds, entry via Gregory Terrace

For more information and tickets visit or visit Beer InCider on Instagram @beerincider and Facebook

Interview with Charlie Collins

Question: What makes music and beer (and cider) such a classic Australian combo?

Charlie Collins: The Australian sun combined with music makes you sweat, beer quenches your thirst.

Question: What music trends do you see emerging in 2019/2020?

Charlie Collins: Banjo... lots more banjo and bolo ties.

Question: What can we expect to see from you/the band in 2019/2020?

Charlie Collins: Three more albums, maybe more. I just want to keep giving birth to my musical babies.

Question: What is your pre-performance ritual?

Charlie Collins: Glass of red and some super annoying vocal warm ups involving a straw and glass shattering sounds that somehow comes out of my mouth.

Question: What is a must-do in when you travel to Brisbane?

Charlie Collins: Love having a beverage at the story bridge hotel.
Fact: I wrote a theme song for it.

Question: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Charlie Collins: Life and all the highs and lows that's come with it.

Question: Who was your biggest idol growing up and how do you think they have influenced your career?

Charlie Collins: Johnny Cash; he taught me how to write from the heart and grasp onto love and pain and turn it into song. The way he sings with such effortlessness and conviction has always been something I've tried to convey when I write I sing.

Question: What is the biggest hurdle you've encountered in your career to date? How did this shape you and your music?

Charlie Collins: I was in a band eight years prior to going solo and when it came to an end I was left wondering if I even wanted to keep doing music. That thought lasted about two days as I realised I couldn't ever imagine a life without music. I then wrote a shit load of songs, recorded them and made a record. After that I decided this is who I want to be, how I want to sound and stepped out on my solo adventure.

Question: What excites you about performing at Beer InCider Experience?

Charlie Collins: The beer and cider and sharing the stage with legends.

Question: What can fans expect to see at Beer InCider Experience?

Charlie Collins: A cowboy in the shape of a girl.