Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks

Taylor Reuben Hicks (born October 7, 1976) is an American singer who won the fifth season of American Idol. Hicks got his start as a professional musician in his late teens and performed around the Southeastern United States for well over the span of a decade, during which he also released two independent albums. Upon winning Idol, he was signed to Arista Records, under which his self-titled major label debut was released on December 12, 2006.

His energetic stage performances and influences derived from classic rock, blues, and R&B music had earned him a following of devout fans dubbed the "Soul Patrol". Hicks performed on Broadway in 2008 and on national tour in 2009 in Grease playing Teen Angel, the role originated by Alan Paul. He is the first Idol winner to secure a long-term residency at a Las Vegas casino. He began his residency at Bally's Las Vegas in June 2012 and moved to a larger venue, Paris Las Vegas, in January 2013.

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The Distance

The Distance is the third studio album by American blue-eyed soul singer Taylor Hicks, released on March 10, 2009. It is the first release by Hicks under his own independent label, Modern Whomp, after parting ways with Arista Records.

Genre: Blue-eyed soul, pop

Release date: Mar 10, 2009

The Distance Tracks
1 Hide Nor Hair 4:29 Lyrics
2 Woman's Got To Have It 3:37 Lyrics
3 New Found Freedom 4:26 Lyrics
4 I Live On A Battlefield 6:36 Lyrics
5 Keepin It Real 3:47 Lyrics
6 Maybe You Should 4:12 Lyrics
7 Once Upon A Lover Of Mine 7:35 Lyrics
8 Nineteen 3:08 Lyrics
9 What's Right Is Right 3:42 Lyrics
10 The Distance 4:07 Lyrics


Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks is the eponymous major label debut album by the American Idol fifth-season winner of the same name. The album was released on December 12, 2006 in the United States by Arista Records in association with 19 Recordings Limited, nearly seven months after Hicks won the reality-talent competition in May. Hicks coined the phrase "modern whomp" to describe the album's sound—an amalgam of soul, blues, funk, and Cajun influences with a contemporary twist. The first single from the album was the ballad "Just to Feel That Way".

Genre: Pop, blues rock

Release date: Dec 12, 2006

Taylor Hicks Tracks
1 The Right Place 3:09 Lyrics
2 The Deal 3:40 Lyrics
3 Soul Thing 3:19 Lyrics
4 Places I've Been 3:30 Lyrics
5 The Maze 2:48 Lyrics
6 Just To Feel That Way 3:06 Lyrics
7 Give Me Tonight 3:35 Lyrics
8 Wherever I Lay My Hat 3:32 Lyrics
9 Gonna Move 4:31 Lyrics
10 Heaven Knows 3:35 Lyrics
11 Dream Myself Awake 3:40 Lyrics
12 The Runaround 3:13 Lyrics


Under The Radar

Under The Radar Tracks
1 My Friend 2:06 Lyrics
2 Soul Thing 3:19 Lyrics
3 West Texas Sky 3:30 Lyrics
4 Heart And Soul 2:46 Lyrics
5 Hold On To Your Love 6:22 Lyrics
6 Hell Of A Day 3:14 Lyrics
7 The Deal 3:40 Lyrics


In Your Time

In Your Time Tracks
1 The Fall 3:49 Lyrics
2 Son Of A Carpenter 5:07 Lyrics
3 Georgia 7:10 Lyrics
4 Tighten Up 3:03 Lyrics
5 Somehow 3:14 Lyrics
6 In Your Time 6:07 Lyrics