Colleen Dewhurst

Colleen Dewhurst
Date of Birth:
Jun 3, 1924
Film, Stage, Television, And Voice Actress
James Vickery (m. 1947; Div. 1960),George C. Scott (m. 1960; Div. 1965),George C. Scott (m. 1967; Div. 1972)
Years active:
Aug 22, 1991 (Cervical Cancer)

Colleen Dewhurst - Biography Summary

Colleen Rose Dewhurst (3 June 1924 – 22 August 1991) was a Canadian-American actress. She is known most for theatre roles, and for a while as "the Queen of Off-Broadway". In her autobiography, Dewhurst wrote: "I had moved so quickly from one Off-Broadway production to the next that I was known, at one point, as the 'Queen of Off-Broadway'. This title was not due to my brilliance, but, rather, because most of the plays I was in closed after a run of anywhere from one night to two weeks. I would then move immediately into another." She was a renowned interpreter of the works of Eugene O'Neill on the stage, and her career also encompassed film, early dramas on live television, and Joseph Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival. One of her last roles was playing Marilla Cuthbert in the Kevin Sullivan television adaptations of the Anne of Green Gables series, and her reprisal of the role in the subsequent TV series Road to Avonlea (marketed as Avonlea in the US).

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