Beatrice Lillie

Beatrice Lillie
Date of Birth:
May 29, 1894
Stage And Film Actress, Singer And Comedic Performer
Birth name:
Beatrice Gladys Lillie
Jan 20, 1989

Beatrice Lillie - Biography Summary

Beatrice Gladys Lillie (29 May 1894 – 20 January 1989), known as Bea Lillie, was a Canadian-born British actress, singer and comedic performer.

She began to perform as a child with her mother and sister. She made her West End debut in 1914 and soon gained notice in revues and light comedies, becoming known for her parodies of old-fashioned, flowery performing styles and absurd songs and sketches. She debuted in New York in 1924 and two years later starred in her first film, continuing to perform in both the US and UK. She was associated with revues staged by André Charlot and works of Noël Coward and Cole Porter, and was frequently paired with Gertrude Lawrence, Bert Lahr and Jack Haley.

During World War II, Lillie was an inveterate entertainer of the troops. She won a Tony Award in 1953 for her revue An Evening With Beatrice Lillie.

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