Ashleigh Harrington

Ashleigh Harrington
Date of Birth:
Oct 24, 1989
Place of Birth:
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Years active:

Ashleigh Harrington - Biography Summary

Ashleigh Harrington is a Canadian actress from Nanaimo, British Columbia. She is the star of The Girls on Film and can also be seen in the second season of the BBC America series, Copper, the Netflix TV series Hemlock Grove, Black Friday and Let the Game Begin. Harrington is also a creator and producer of The Girls on Film with actor Jeff Hammond. In 2011, Harrington won Best Acting in a Trek Viral Video from for her portrayal of James T. Kirk in The Girls on Film, as well as Bleedfest Film Festival's Producers Award in May 2011 for The Girls on Film series.

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