Caroline's Lip Balm

Caroline's Lip Balm

Caroline's Lip Balm

When winter hits, you can kiss soft, supple lips goodbye. The harsh elements can ravish lips, leaving them dry, flaky, split and chapped.

Not to mention cold sores, which are not only unsightly and embarrassing, but can be extremely painful.

However, with Caroline's Lip Balm, you can breeze through winter with ease.

No cracks, flaky skin, split or bleeding lips. And cold sores will vanish overnight as Caroline's Lip Balm will stop the virus in its tracks, as Karen Bresnan's husband with attest.

'My order arrived last week, thanks so much. The very next morning my husband woke up with a cold sore so he claimed the lip balm you sent and it is definitely healing much faster than usual which is sensational for him. He also said that he has not experienced any itchiness which he usually does with a cold sore."

Full of nourishing ingredients to soothe and heal, including Wheat Germ Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Golden Seal root Extract, Calendula flower Extract, Slippery Elm Extract, St. John's Worth Extract, Simple Tincture of Benzoin, Pau D'Arco, Vitamin E (natural) and Jojoba, the lip balm also treats Ezcema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis which often flares up around the mouth and lips.

It has also been used with great success by people undergoing chemotherapy, to counteract the side effects of dry and peeling mouth and lips that are left raw and painful due to the treatment, plus to counteract dry, split and peeling lips caused by the acne drug Roaccutane.

It's wonderful as a primer under lipstick, especially the long-lasting products that tend to dry lips out.

Caroline's Lip Balm is suitable for all ages, including babies.

It not tested on animals, contains no chemical-based preservatives, fragrances, nut products, parabens or petro chemical by-products.

It is a winter essential.

Caroline's Lip Balm is a specifically formulated balm used by those who typically suffer from extremely dry skin or compromised skin barrier health for example in conditions such as: such as dry, irritated, flaky or cracked skin. It helps to soothe and protect lips affected by cold sores, chapping and dryness.

It is 100% pure and natural and completely fragrance free. It has a pleasant taste and contains an unusually high concentration of herbal extracts and oils, every one individually effective and even more powerful when combined.

Specially formulated for:
• Dry and Chapped Lips
• Cold Sores
• Eczema
• Dermatitis
• Psoriasis

Caroline's Lip balm is available from the new Caroline's Skincare Online Store, Pharmacies, Health Food Stores, Healthcare Practitioners, Hairdressing Salons and Podiatrists throughout Australia.

RRP - $11.50 - See for stockist info or phone 1800 900 942.