Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town Police captain Mat Joubert used to be the best, revered by the force for solving every case. But that was a year ago, before his wife Lara was murdered while working undercover, and Mat's been on a downward spiral ever since, dogged by his blurred past, uncertain of how he did not keep her alive. Now an out-of-shape chain-smoker, Mat is ambivalent about the crime-ridden world around him. But with a new colonel demanding full physical and mental conditioning for all cops, he must now step up.


Assigned a new partner, Sanctus Snook, a former colleague of Lara's, Mat immediately and instinctively does not like the sleek ex-elite cop and has a hard time believing the teaming up is a coincidence. But when a successful businessman is found killed wearing an Albert Einstein mask, the two unlikely partners have a high-profile murder investigation on their hands. When a second body is found wearing yet another mask, they realize they are tracking a serial killer. Gradually, Mat begins to overcome the ghosts of his past, but as he uncovers each layer of the investigation, he must re-live his wife's murder to stop the violence.


Based on the bestselling crime novels of Deon Meyer, Cape Town stars Trond Espen Seim, Boris Kodjoe, Arnold Vosloo, Axel Milberg, Marcin Dorocinski, Jessica Haines and Isolda Dychauk.


Cape Town premieres August 22