Cannabis Cure-all can kill

Cannabis Cure-all can kill

A world first ground-breaking study that directly links CBD oils and both medicinal and recreational cannabis use to deadly diseases and birth defects sounds a lethal warning.

The multi-billion-dollar CBD cannabis market touts so called cures and treatment for just about any ailment... from anxiety in children to diseases to MS and Parkinson's disease.

While there are no scientifically proven longitudinal studies published to back up these claims of curing diseases like Alzheimer's, the promises of this alleged wonder drug have even seen claims it can treat Covid 19. The global lockdown has also fuelled a staggering uptake in cannabis use.

The Australian researchers behind this pioneering study, Dr Stuart Reece and Dr Gary Hulse from the University of WA are available for interview about their startling findings that will no doubt open a hornet's nest and challenge CBD claims. It will shock medicinal and recreational users.

The extensive study published last week in one of the Nature journals "Scientific Reports" further confirmed that cannabis, whether used medicinally or for recreational use, is causal in a range of adult cancers as well as a very broad range of birth defects, verifying at the population level earlier studies that had discovered the mutagenic and genotoxic nature of cannabis.

Comparing US States that have legalised cannabis for medical use and those that have legalised cannabis for recreational use against States that have maintained prohibitions on the substance, elevated cannabis use was found to be causal in the following birth defects, again raising the issue that cannabis is the new Thalidomide. While a previous study by the same researchers had found cannabis causal in 34 birth defects, the recent Nature article reviewed five birth defects which more clearly explicate the mechanisms by which cannabis causes these issues:

Downs Syndrome
Trisomy 13 chromosome disorder – severe intellectual disability, heart defects, brain and spinal chord abnormalities, very small or poorly developed eyes, cleft lip/palate, extra fingers/toes and muscle weakness
Trisomy 18 chromosome disorder – numerous medical complications in the years after birth with a small percentage of babies living until their first birthday, but some living into their twenties and thirties, albeit with significant developmental delays
Turner Syndrome – hearing, vision and infertility problems in girls
Deletion 22q11.2 – cleft palate, heart defects, recurrent infections, unique facial characteristics, feeding problems, kidney abnormalities, hypoparathyroidism, thrombocytopenia, scoliosis, hearing loss, developmental delay and learning disabilities

Because cannabis causes chromosomal damage, these abnormalities may not only stem from the mother's use of cannabis, but also the father's.

The study also examined population statistics on five cancers which form a subset within a larger number of cancers caused by cannabis. These cancers were:

Thyroid cancer
Liver cancer
Breast cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Acute myeloid leukaemia

Relevant to medical cannabis use in Australia is that the cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD) which is advertised as a wonder drug curing all manner of ailments from joint pain to cancers, is causally as implicated as other cannabinoids such as THC, Cannabinol and Cannabichromene. Both medical and recreational cannabis users need to be warned of the mutagenic and cancerogenesis properties of cannabis which causes severe genetic damage that can be passed down to future generations.