BtN Kids' Happiness Survey

BtN Kids' Happiness Survey

BtN Kids' Happiness Survey

20,000 Australian children tell ABC's Behind the News about their mental health challenges in record survey.


The inaugural BtN Kids' Happiness Survey has revealed that bullying, family issues and the future dominate the thoughts of many Australian children.


67% of kids responded that they had experienced bullying. And of those, 39% said it went on for a year or more.

1 in 4 kids responded that they worry about the future all of the time. 1 in 4 kids said they worried about their family all of the time too.


And perhaps most worryingly, nearly 1 in 5 kids say they prefer not to talk to anyone about their concerns.

When it comes to sleep, 32% of kids reported that they regularly sleep fewer hours than recommended (9 - 10 hours a night).


Body image concerns also featured, with 35% of kids saying they would change their body if they could.


And finally, 18% of kids responded that they often don't feel valued.