Bounce Freerun Terrain Park Passes

Bounce Freerun Terrain Park Passes

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BOUNCE launches Freerun Terrain Park

Creating the worlds leading adventure challenge course in Australia

BOUNCE Freerun

Free Jumping revolutionists BOUNCE have launched the next phase in urban adventure in the form of a Freerun Terrain Park, like nothing seen in Australia before.

Open now at BOUNCE Glen Iris, the Freerun Terrain Park is an adventure challenge course combining elements of climbing, jumping and free-running into an epic urban playground. The one million dollar investment incorporates 14 different elements with varying routes for beginners through to experts.

Hollywood stuntman and Parkour YouTube sensation Damien Walters flew out to Australia to launch the Freerun Terrain Park, producing some awesome moves on the course.

Using trampolines to connect the elements, the BOUNCE Freerun Terrain Park requires no clips or attached equipment leaving you free to enjoy the flow and rush of Freerunning. Key features include:
- Parkour area - designed to challenge and engage experienced free-runners, as well as including easier obstacles for first timers.
- Warped walls - fans of the Ninja Warrior phenomenon will recognise these, they require a combination of speed, strength and timing and are great fun.
- Bouldering wall – developed by leading Canadian climbing specialists RockWerx, this challenges both experienced and novice climbers.

Each element can be explored as a stand-alone challenge or navigated as one circuit. In circuit mode the aim is get from the start to the end of the course in the fastest and most awesome way possible. An RFID system allows challengers to record their times, compete with others and track their own improvement.

'The Freerun Terrain Park is the ultimate adrenalin playground, combining the best of everything we have seen around the world" says BOUNCE founder Ant Morell.

'For most people, it will be an awesome adventure challenge like nothing else out there. For some, it's like the gym of the future and an adrenaline fuelled way of building strength and agility. We are using trampolines to link elements that would usually be stand-alone, which makes you feel like a superhero - think Tough Mudder meets Ninja Warrior but in a massive urban warehouse. We've carefully ensured there are attainable and more challenging routes, so it's as accessible or demanding as people want to make it. " Morell said.

Freerun Terrain Park encompasses a total body exercise, requiring agility, stamina, coordination and brain power to negotiate the obstacles. Challengers will be able to develop new skills, full body fitness and have a blast without even realising they're exercising.

The Freerun Terrain Park has been developed over a 12-month period in collaboration with the creators of the world's best Parkour and bouldering courses. It's the latest innovation from BOUNCE who exploded onto the scene in 2012, taking the Australian world of trampolines from a singular backyard activity into a new universe of entertainment and athletic performance.

BOUNCE has 7 Australian venues and is established in Hong Kong, Dubai and Johannesburg, with multiple venues opening internationally over the coming months. Morell says, 'the plan to is to continue to develop new experiences that fit with our brand and the Freerun Terrain Park is the most exciting thing we have launched since opening our first venue just three years ago".

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