Why men are Botoxing their balls

Why men are Botoxing their balls

BIGGER IS BETTER: Why men are Botoxing their balls

Trish Hammond, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon expert shares why scrotox is popular.


Yep, you read it right; we're talking about Botox for the balls. Commonly referred to as "Scrotox", this procedure is exactly what it sounds like – Botox injections in the scrotum. Whilst that may have made you wince a little, this treatment is actually a non-invasive way of relieving testicular pain and inflammation. Besides its associated medical benefits, Scrotox is also popular for improving aesthetic appearance.


Is it so hard to believe that men also want to look and feel better in their skin (or, in this case, their sacks)?


The procedure 

Scrotox is a reasonably straightforward and quick procedure that a doctor administers in their rooms. Like other injectable treatments, numbing cream is first applied to the scrotum to minimise discomfort during the process. The doctor will then further examine the area and mark where they will be injecting Botox. Once the numbing cream has taken full effect, Botox is gently injected into the scrotum. The procedure itself only takes around 15-30 minutes and involves minimal recovery time, with most being able to resume daily activities immediately after receiving treatment.


The benefits

There are several reasons why men choose to get Scrotox, some of those being:

  • To minimise wrinkles
  • To improve sensitivity
  • To relieve tightness
  • To reduce chronic scrotal pain
  • To manage excessive testicular sweating
  • To make the testicles appear larger and fuller

Like most aesthetic treatments, the goal is for the individual to feel more confident in their physical appearance.


Scrotox can improve your sex life

Pain, tightness, excessive sweating, wrinkles… not exactly sexy words. The treatment of these issues using Scrotox can be beneficial to the sex lives of many men (and women). Not only does the treatment help to make men feel more confident in the appearance of their testicles, but it relieves pain that may hold them back in the bedroom. As Scrotox also helps heighten scrotal sensitivity, it can also lead to more pleasurable sexual experiences.


But wait, there's more: Penis thickening 

With many penis enlargement procedures on the market, it's not always about the balls. Size really does matter for some men and women, and we're not just talking about length. Penis thickening is another non-surgical cosmetic procedure achieved using injectable dermal fillers. The filler is injected into the soft tissue under the skin of the penis shaft to enhance girth, length, and improve penile symmetry. The increased flaccid and erect size of the penis has similar benefits to Scrotox, as it can improve the appearance of the penis and, in turn, make sex a more enjoyable experience for men and their partners. 


Are Penis injectables worth it?

As facial injectables often increase self-esteem, it is no surprise that penis injectables can also have the same positive impact. Whether affected by previous surgery, suffering chronic pain, or unhappy with the look of genitalia, penis enhancement is a sensitive topic for many men. A treatment that can improve an individual's mental well-being and sexual satisfaction is definitely worth it for some.


Scrotox and penis thickening provide men with a non-invasive and non-surgical option for penis enhancement. Whilst "bigger is better" isn't always the case, everyone is entitled to their own opinions surrounding their bodies and the treatment they may or may not choose to undergo.


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