Bec Wilcock Blackmores Interview

Bec Wilcock Blackmores Interview

Bec Wilcock Blackmores Interview

Bec Wilcock is an ambassador for Blackmores Wellbeing Zone at the Essential Baby and Toddler Show Melbourne, taking place from Friday 28th – Sunday 30th April.


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Interview with Bec Wilcock

Question: Which product in the Blackmores range is your favourite and why?

Bec Wilcock: I love using their Superfoods range, especially the Wild Blueberry Powder which has 50 serves of blueberry in one teaspoon – ridiculously good!

Question: What Blackmores' products do you have daily?

Bec Wilcock: Every morning I take a probiotic, iron, fish oil and a Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold supplement to ensure bub and I get adequate folic acid, iodine, iron, DHA, vitamin D3, B to help feel my best and give my body the energy it needs.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you, training and food wise?

Bec Wilcock: My new focus for training is to get back to race fit (post having a baby)! I'm currently 4 weeks postpartum and my doctor just gave me the all clear to start my training program. This program has me progressively working out for 1-2 hours, 4-6 days a week and I feel highly energised and motivated! Training throughout my pregnancy definitely helped me bounce back faster.

Nutrition wise, I eat to fuel and nourish my body, 5-6 times a day. Now that I'm breastfeeding, I make sure I'm getting the right intake for Beau too.

Question: How did it feel when you finished the 2016 Barkley 100?

Bec Wilcock: I felt exhilarated! The Barkley 100 is a unique race that I thoroughly enjoyed! Nothing beats an extreme challenge.

Question: Can you tell us about what you saw over the course of the three-day ultra-marathon?

Bec Wilcock: The Barkers don't like it when we discuss terrain and details of the race because that's half the challenge, the unknown. I can tell you that it wasn't pretty!!

The most challenging part of the race was navigating around the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, using only a compass and a map, when you're sleep deprived and physically and mentally exhausted.

Question: How has your life changed since Beau Patrick was born?

Bec Wilcock: My life is a bit of a balancing act at the moment, between nursing, working and training; I definitely have my hands full. Nonetheless, I wouldn't change a thing - being a mum is the best gift in the world. I feel very blessed.

Question: Was it difficult to give up your hard-core training regime when pregnant?

Bec Wilcock: To be honest, YES!

Question: What training did you do, whilst pregnant?

Bec Wilcock: I had to modify my training through every trimester whilst being pregnant. I didn't introduce any new exercises (or movements) and I kept my workouts to 70% of my max effort (or under). I ran until I was 30 weeks and I was in the gym until 2 days before I gave birth to Beau. I found keeping fit and healthy during this time gave me motivation and stamina for labour.

My favourite workouts:
Trimester 1: Hit Intensity and running
Trimester 2: Resistance training
Trimester 3: Walking, swimming, yoga, body weight exercises

Question: What advice do you have for new mums?

Bec Wilcock: For your own self-confidence, know what motivates you. I have found that keeping my fitness and nutrition on point keeps me motivated and mentally strong. Mum life can be challenging so don't forget about yourself.

Question: What would we find in your gym bag?

Bec Wilcock: Spare water bottle
Blackmores Magnesium
Hand, face and body moisturizer
Nike throw over hoodie for post workout
Hand sanitizer

Interview by Brooke Hunter