Australian Tattoo Exhibition

Australian Tattoo Exhibition

Hosting the biggest Tattoo Expos across Australia, Australian Tattoo Events & Tatsup return to Melbourne to finish the year with a BANG.

Dec 6-8th the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre hosts the Australian Tattoo Expo with over 350 tattoo artists tattooing live all weekend.

With a focus on talent and quality, the 2019 Melbourne Tattoo Expo is no exception. Sporting Featured Artists from across the globe amongst over 350 of Australia's finest Tattoo Artists. The list of featured artists that are attending can be found at

This weekend's Melbourne leg of the Australian Tattoo Expo is the grand finale for 2019, after an incredible year full of groundbreaking tattoos, we will be crowning the 2019 Australian Tattoo Series champion, who will be walking away with a whopping $10,000 in prize money. Tattoo artists across the country have been battling it out all year to reach the top of the scoreboard to win this incredible opportunity.

The freakshow carnival theme for the 2019 tour continues, and with it, an excited ambiance of fun, mischief and awe awaits patrons as they enter through the doors on Friday morning for the three-day monster event.

The diverse offerings of Australian Tattoo Expo caters to the many facets of the Alternative Culture Community; so, patrons don't need to be just tattoo enthusiasts to enjoy the weekend. With a variety of exclusive retail outlets, live artwork activations, photo opportunities and fun competitions, Australian Tattoo Expo is a great way to explore and learn about Australia's Tattoo Industry and Tattoo Culture.

The Main Stage will host a variety of hot, eye watering acts including aerial and ground performances, circusesque sideshows and death defying stunts. Don't miss Captain Ruin as he pushes the Coney Island Freakshow performers to their limits for your entertainment.

With tickets starting as low as $25 and children 12 years and under FREE, the Australian Tattoo Expo is the place to be this weekend at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Tickets available online from or at the door.