Australian Outback with Justine Schofield

Australian Outback with Justine Schofield

Explore food and flavours of the Australian Outback with Justine Schofield

Outback Gourmet premieres 7:30pm Sunday, 31 March on SBS Food

Join Justine Schofield on SBS Food as she sets on an adventurous journey to unveil the bountiful food offerings of the Northern Territory in her brand new series Outback Gourmet. Launching on Sunday, 31 March, the channel will air double episodes of the series every Sunday from 7:30pm.

In this picturesque eight-part series, Justine cooks her way through some of the oldest and most glorious natural landscapes on the planet. She learns the art of camp cooking over coals in Katherine, cooks for park rangers in Kakadu National Park and prepares delicious desert over a camp fire in Alice Springs. From bush tucker to modern gourmet delights, Justine catches up with locals to find out what's on the menu in the North!

Justine Schofield, host said: "Northern Territory is one of my most favourite parts of Australia and I love revisiting. This time it was special as I also got to film Outback Gourmet. Australian outback is full of natural wonders and an amazingly rich culture. I was really excited to cook with the locals against the extraordinarily beautiful landscapes. I hope the audiences enjoy watching the series as much as we did while filming it."

Justine starts her outback journey in Kakadu discovering the ancient, natural wonders of this unique wilderness; then heads to Katherine where the outback meets the tropics; and visits Darwin where she unveils some unique South Asian delights before finishing her trip in Alice Springs.

Produced by hsquared for SBS Food, Outback Gourmet takes alfresco cooking to a whole new level.

Watch double episodes of Outback Gourmet on Sundays at 7:30pm starting 31 March only on SBS Food.