Australian Story - When the Call Comes

Australian Story - When the Call Comes

Australian Story - When the Call Comes

Australian Story screening Monday 20th June at 8pm


The news that a homeless man had been stabbed to death in early 2014 shocked Melbourne. His name was Morgan Wayne Perry, but he was better known as 'Mouse".


He was killed by Easton Woodhead, a former Melbourne Grammar student from a well-to-do family who on the night of the killing had been smoking cannabis.


In the days after Morgan's death, people flocked to the CBD, giving food and blankets to those in need.


Once the initial shock died down, so did the interest.


But for Michele Perry it was the start of a journey to understand her brother. For the first time she speaks out about the life she and Morgan lived, and gives her view of the verdict.


-I thought I was going to get a call one day and someone would tell me that he'd died. But I never expected to hear that he'd been murdered.' Michele Perry


-It was very, very difficult to comprehend that two people who were so completely different to each other were related. It just made me think this is one pretty remarkable woman.' Major Brendan Nottle, The Salvation Army


-I was really nervous about seeing Easton Woodhead for the first time. I remember … going into the courtroom and seeing him there …the person that mutilated my brother's body. It was really quite scary.' Michele Perry


-Michele had gone from wanting some remorse to actually wanting a murder conviction and by the time of the verdict she was adamant that that was the only appropriate response.' Eva Foster, friend


-When I heard the verdict, oh man I was really angry.' Major Brendan Nottle, The Salvation Army