Anjum's Spice Stories

Anjum's Spice Stories

Anjum's Spice Stories

'I've taken time out from the hustle and bustle of London for a few weeks of pure r-n'r, in

the Australian countryside. Whilst I sample the beautiful produce, I might just show the

locals something new about Indian cuisine." – Anjum Anand

For British-Indian chef Anjum Anand, dubbed the Nigella of Indian cuisine, food is at the heart of every holiday experience. In this brand-new 12-part series, Anjum serves up her fresh and modern take on Indian cuisine as she cooks for her loved ones while taking some time out in Victoria's stunning Mornington Peninsula in Anjum's Spice Stories.


For the woman whose must-have cookbook knocked Harry Potter off the top spot of bestsellers, Australia holds a special place in Anjum's heart. Having spent her honeymoon Down Under, she returns to one of her favourite destinations to cook up a storm from her base in country Victoria. Anjum's passion for fresh produce sees her meeting with local suppliers and market holders as she shops for spices and ingredients at the Queen Victoria Markets before heading back to the kitchen in her picturesque rural property in the Mornington Peninsula.


Anjum's Spice Stories is a celebration of the best Australia has to offer, but with a unique Indian twist from -the face of Modern Indian cuisine' herself.


From local delicacies and beautiful landscapes, Anjum explores the wonders of modern Indian cuisine, with an Australian twist, showcasing how healthy, fresh and easy Indian flavours can be.

In fact nourishing food and healthy lifestyle is at the heart of everything Anjum does, having lost up to an astounding 40kgs with her own adaption and interpretation of modern fresh and easy to prepare Indian cuisine. She is here in Australia and ready to share the secrets of her diet that is full of foods that are not only fabulous for the waistline but also taste amazing with their unique blend of Indian inspired spices.


Internationally renowned TV chef, best-selling food writer, award-winning brand owner, entrepreneur and mother of two children, Anjum Anand is the face of modern Indian cuisine, who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.  


Over the past two decades, Anjum has established herself as a world authority on Indian food. Her breakthrough book Indian Food Made Easy topped the Amazon best sellers list (even knocking Harry Potter off the number 1 spot!) and her highly acclaimed TV series Indian Food Made Easy was enjoyed by millions of viewers.


Competing in a highly competitive market place, Anjum has changed the face of Indian home cooking with her very own retail range, The Spice Tailor


Anjum is at the forefront of a -new dawn' for Indian food, championing fresh, healthy and modern Indian cuisine and has won a legion of fans across the globe in the process, inspiring thousands to cook at home. Her success has been driven by passion, determination and a solid conviction in her personal beliefs and ideas.


Born in London, Anjum inherited a love of food from her Punjabi-immigrant parents, along with a keen business sense. Growing up, it was Anjum's ambition to pursue a career in food but she also understood the importance of acquiring the commercial acumen to make it a success. After completing a degree in business and languages at the European Business School she joined her family's furniture business where she gained valuable experience.  However, food remained her passion and, at the age of 25, Anjum's focus turned to making this passion a business reality.  


Anjum travelled throughout India and worked in restaurants in the US to develop her skills and knowledge of Indian cuisine. She used this knowledge to write her first book Indian Every Day and also to form a unique business idea: to bring a pioneering range of truly Indian cooking sauces to the UK.


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