Andrew Wilson 1 in 3 Australian Women Experience Hair Loss Interview

Andrew Wilson 1 in 3 Australian Women Experience Hair Loss Interview

Andrew Wilson 1 in 3 Australian Women Experience Hair Loss Interview

According to a recent study, Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) is the most common cause of alopecia in women and approximately one-third of adult caucasian women experience hair loss* in Australia. The study has also revealed that the impact of FPHL is predominantly psychological, however the psychological impact can be reduced with the help of cosmetic products that improve the appearance of the hair.

Transitions Hair, the market leader in hair restoration technology, are doing their bit to ensure women can change the way they feel and look when it comes to hair loss.

Hair Restoration Expert and Director of Transitions Hair Australia, Andrew Wilson says, 'Hair is an essential part of a woman's appearance, attractiveness and identity. For many women, how attractive they feel will directly affect their self-esteem and hair loss can have a very negative impact on a female's quality of life. At Transitions Hair, we aim to educate women on hair loss, how to prevent it and of course, help them to feel confident again."

The study exploring the psychological impact of FPHL in Australian females revealed that women with Alopecia experience poorer health-related quality of life than women without hair loss. At Transitions Hair, all women can feel comfortable and experience improved quality of life with a number of treatments to suit all hair types and conditions including:
Crown Extensions

These applications cosmetically enhance the appearance of thinning hair, through either concealing a visibly balding (thinning) scalp and improving thickness or hair density by adding extra hair where required. While men anticipate age-related hair loss, hair loss in women is usually unexpected and unwelcome at any age, which is where support from Transitions Hair can really ensure awareness and improved wellbeing for women suffering unexpected hair loss.

Transitions Hair most popular option for female hair loss are the Crown Extensions and they only use the highest quality hair available, often sourced from eastern European countries famous for the softness and beauty of their hair. Transitions offer women up-to-the-minute options and the latest technology for hair loss or thinning hair. Free, private studio consultations are available on request in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne with accredited consultants.

You can organise a consultation now via the Transitions Hair website at or by calling 1300 427 778.

Interview with Hair Restoration Expert and Director of Transitions Hair Australia, Andrew Wilson

Question: What is Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Andrew Wilson: Female pattern hair loss is hair loss that is caused due to a hereditary genetic predisposition to hair loss, it is also known as Androgenic Alopecia (AGA). It can be inherited from either side of the family (mother or father). It is the same condition as male pattern hair loss except most women don't lose all of their hair on top like men, instead, they tend to thin through the front, top and sides of their hair. It is for this reason that it is often called Female pattern thinning. Symptoms of AGA is a woman's hair progressively become finer in texture and often fly away in texture, a decrease in hair density (hairs per square centimetre) and it won't grow as long as it used to due to the life span of the hair decreasing - it doesn't live as long, therefore it doesn't grow as long.

Question: How common is Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Andrew Wilson: It is estimated that female pattern hair loss accounts for approximately 80% of hair loss in women. In Australia it is estimated that 2.2 million women are affected by various hair loss conditions and this number appears to be rising.

Question: Why do females lose their hair?

Andrew Wilson: Females lose their hair for the same reasons men do with regard to AGA, it is due to hormonal changes, even if only slight. At a certain time the testosterone in a woman's body/ scalp begins to bind with an enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase, this forms Di-hydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT when present in the scalp begins to shrink or minimise the hair follicle. During this time the hair becomes finer, weaker, looks -fluffy and flyaway' and doesn't grow as long as it once did. Eventually the DHT, if left unchecked, will cause hair mortality (hair death).

Question: Can you talk us through the impact of hair loss, on a female?

Andrew Wilson: Hair loss can have dramatic effects on a female, especially a woman's self confidence. For women, their hair is closely tied to their identity, sense of attractiveness and self worth. Many say that they feel like they are losing part of themselves when hair loss ensues, feeling like only a shell of the person they once were. Previously confident women may begin to avoid social situations, avoid bright lights when out and even become a social recluse.

air loss, like any kind of loss, causes grief, and often deep grief, as it is so unexpected. Most women don't realise how prevalent female hair loss is due to this, nor do they feel comfortable to talk to other women, husbands and partners about it. This can compound their sadness and grief and many feel isolated. The hair they once loved has been robbed from them and they feel that there is little they can do to recover, leaving them with a sense of despair.

Question: How can we prevent hair loss?

Andrew Wilson: Female pattern hair loss is preventable, or at least postpone-able. Through the development of some pharmaceutical drugs and laser hair therapy women are able to treat their hair loss and they can keep their hair for much longer, even regrow it, if they begin in the early onset of hair loss. We have a number of FDA approved hair lasers, which have been shown to help with hair regrowth - up to 51% regrowth from the baseline hair count - and stop the progression of further hair loss. With diligent use, in the comfort of your own home, women can treat their own hair loss and see success. They can also create hair regrowth synergies by using a complementary course of pharmaceutical medication. Of course, we recommend they come in for a free hair evaluation so we can guide them to best solution(s) for them.

Question: What is Transitions Hair Australia?

Andrew Wilson: Transitions Hair Australia is a world class hair restoration centre for women, we have studios in Sydney and Adelaide and we make trips to Melbourne on a regular basis. We offer advice on all forms of hair restoration ranging from hair loss treatments/ hair regrowth, surgical and cosmetic options. We are a member company of Transitions International, an elite group over 60 of hair restoration professionals around the world who work together to bring the latest advancements in hair restoration to the community. It is the largest network of it's kind.

Question: How can Transitions Hair Australia help women losing their hair?

Andrew Wilson: There are many ways in which we can help women with hair loss such as:
Advice - we offer a free hair consultation where we assess your hair condition, how you would like your hair to look and make recommendations based upon our discussion. Many people find this encouraging and hopeful as they find out there are more options than they realise. They also learn that they are not alone. It's always a comfort to find out that hair loss affects the young as well as those more advanced in years.

Hair styling services - we have a team of hair stylists who can help a person learn how to camoflage their hair loss or thinning and even educate and restyle their hair to make it look thicker and fuller.

Question: What options do women have with Transitions Hair?

Andrew Wilson: We offer many options for women:
Cosmetic Hair thickeners - this is a cosmetic product used in Hollywood to make your hair look up to 150% thicker in moments, it is a great hair loss concealer. Many people call it a life saver as it enhances and amplifies the hair they have with very little fuss.
Laser Hair therapy and hair loss treatments - we offer portable and FDA approved laser hair devices so that people can have a professional level of treatment in their own homes. We like to journey together with people and give ongoing support whilst doing this. We like to document their progress with photographs and meet together on a regular basis every couple of months to make sure they are working on the program.
Hair Transplants - though, often not suitable for many women, it is a service that we offer
Cosmetic Solutions - such as Crown Extensions, Hair integration systems, non-surgical hair grafts and more. These are our most popular option as they give a woman instant gratification, thicker fuller hair where you want it in a moment. We are able to recreate how your hair once looked, and in many cases even better than what you were born with. Our cosmetic solutions prove to be a wonderful confidence booster by giving you the hair you want, where you want it most. We offer the worlds best options with the world's most beautiful hair - often sourced from Eastern Europe due to it's beauty, softness and texture.

Interview by Brooke Hunter