Advance SUPERLIFT Neck Lifting and Firming Cream

Advance SUPERLIFT Neck Lifting and Firming Cream

Advance SUPERLIFT™ Neck Lifting and Firming Cream

If you're guilty of neglecting the skin on your neck in your beauty routine, you're not alone. According to a survey of 2,723 women by Australian skincare brand, Skin Physics, more than half of Australian women don't look after their necks. Couple this with the fact that the neck is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body when it comes to elasticity loss, sun exposure, sagging and wrinkling, and its fair to say that most women need to start giving their necks a little extra TLC.

'The skin on your neck is as delicate, if not more so than the skin on your face," says Alex Sisiolas, founder of Skin Physics, the all-­Australian anti-­ageing skincare brand that recently released the breakthrough Advance SUPERLIFT™ Neck Lifting & Firming Cream (RRP $89.95). Offering brand new technology to target sagging skin and create definition on the chin, jawline, and neck, Sisiolas says that the cosmoceutical is 'one of the most effective steps you can take to reverse the signs of ageing in as little as three weeks -­ no invasive surgery required."

As part of Skin Physics' Advance SUPERLIFT™ three step range, the richly nourishing cream contains a range of efficaous ingredients including Supreme Beauty-­Lift with Edelweiss Extract, an award winning active that provides a deep energising massage, a Peptide Firming Complex to strengthen elastin, Acai and Pomegranate antioxidants, Vitamins and Omega Oil. Plus Actigym™ and caffeine to help burn fat around the neck and jaw, making it the ideal topical alternative to intrusive -double-­chin' treatments like Kybella and Coolsculpt.

Here, Sisiolas explains what causes your neck to reveal your age and what to do about it:

Loss Of Elasticity

After the eyelids, the neck is the second most vulnerable area of the skin prone to elasticity loss. 'In addition to applying a specialised neck cream such as Skin Physics' Advance SUPERLIFT™ Neck Lifting & Firming Cream morning and night, facial yoga exercises can be extremely effective in tightening sagging skin, when carried out daily over time," says Sisiolas. To tone the neck and chin, start by stroking down the length of your neck with the pads of your fingers, stopping at your collarbone, and holding there firmly. Next, slowly tilt your chin forward and up, and place your bottom lip over your top lip so that your neck feels taut. Gently grip your top lip with your lower teeth and slowly smile to feel a lift at your jawline in the same direction. Hold for 10 seconds. Rest and then repeat three to five times.

Ultra Violet Vulnerability

According to Sisiolas, the neck is prone to UVA and UVB damage as it's continuously exposed to the elements and sunlight, just like your face. 'Many people fail to give their necks and chests the same daily SPF protection as their faces," says Sisiolas. 'Make sure you use use a product that offers both UVA and UVB protection, like Skin Physics' Dragon's Blood Radiance Daily Moisturiser (RRP $49.95), every morning before you head outside," he says.

Cosmetic Contrasts

Sisiolas points out that there has never been more cosmetic surgery carried out on the face than there is today, and what people don't realise is that other 'untouched" parts of the body can look even more aged by comparison. 'Before you commit to any procedure, make sure you discuss with your doctor how other areas of your body, like your neck, will appear in contrast," he says.

Weak Muscles and Fewer Glands

Due to a weaker muscle structure and a lack of sebaceous glands, the neck can often start sagging at a faster rate than the face. Hence, much like your eyes command the use of a targeted cream, your neck demands an equal amount of special care. 'Good quality neck creams, such as the Advance SUPERLIFT™ Neck Lifting & Firming Cream, tend to be richer in emollients, plus they contain the higher clinical dosages of reparative, anti-­sag peptides," says Sisiolas.

Poor Neck Posture

According to Sisiolas, how you hold your neck throughout the day and as you sleep can lead to premature ageing on the neck. 'If it is comfortable, try sleeping face-­up on your back with only one pillow to minimise damage," he advises. Sisiolas also warns against -tech neck', a situation where neck wrinkles occur from constantly looking down at your key-­pad or phone. 'Simply adjust your computer monitor so you're looking head-­on, use a tablet holder and hold your phone up to eye level when using it," he says.

The Advance SUPERLIFT™ system consists of three products designed to work independently and collectively to restore the 'triangle of beauty" from cheekbones to jawline: a Neck Lifting and Firming Cream (RRP $89.95), a Face Lifting and Toning Cream (RRP $79.95) and an Eye Contouring Serum (RRP $69.95).

All three products in the range feature breakthrough cosmeceutical technology that not only addresses the age-­old concerns of hydration, elastin breakdown and wrinkles, but focuses on lifting, tightening and re-­contouring the skin around the eyes, neck and lower face after just three weeks.

Like all Skin Physics products, the Advance SUPERLIFT™ line does not contain parabens, harsh irritants or sulphates and is manufactured in Australia and New Zealand.

To purchase the Advance Superlift range, visit Priceline Pharmacies nationwide, buy online at or call 1300 291 549.