5 Cent Campaign

5 Cent Campaign

5 Cent Campaign

Let's face it - 5 cent coins serve little purpose these days, apart from bulking up your wallet. That is until YGAP launches its 5cent campaign on the 5th of May.

With over $150 million dollars' worth of 5 cent coins in circulation, YGAP will harness the collective value of Australia's small change to make a big change globally.

Five famous faces, Chris Judd, DJ Grant Smillie, Brigitte Duclos, Hamish McLachlan and model Kate Peck are backing the movement which will fund poverty alleviating projects across Australia, Africa and Asia.

The 5cent campaign aims to collect 1 million individual 5 cent pieces with all money raised going to five causes here and abroad, including community programs in Australia, Ghana and Rwanda, and education projects in Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Elliot Costello, YGAP Co-founder and CEO, says, "Nobody wants 5 cent pieces; be honest, when was the last time you stopped to pick up 5 cents or even used a 5 cent coin?

"We're making the humble 5 cent coin the star of this campaign. In isolation 5 cents is not much, but collectively 1 million of these little silver pieces will create lasting change to disadvantaged communities around the world."

This tangible change is at the heart of YGAP's ethos: a not-for-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to empowering communities affected by poverty and redefining how people contribute to change, by fitting into everyday life activities.

Since its inception in 2008, YGAP has evolved from its original purpose of providing meaningful volunteering opportunities to an organisation that is inspiring the community through a range of innovative and creative fundraising projects.

Other recent YGAP initiatives - Kinfolk (YGAP's Melbourne café whose profits are redirected to local and international development projects) and AddWater (Australian Spring water bottled in an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable bottle) - share 5cent's simplicity of messaging and ease of participation.

Costello concludes, "YGAP is responding to a need from a new generation of philanthropists who want charity giving to be accessible, transparent and original. Often people are disenchanted by charities who have good intentions but struggle to deliver change so we're giving people the opportunity to make simple choices, like donating their 5 cent pieces in the knowledge that their money is going to benefit those most in need."

5 Fast Facts about YGAP's 5 Cent Campaign
There are over $150 million worth of 5 cent pieces in circulation
The 5cent campaign, which runs nationwide for 5 weeks from 5 May until 9 June, aims to collect 1 million individual 5 cent pieces. To participate, sign up at fivecent.com.au and you will receive a flat-packed container to collect coins, which can then be deposited at any ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Westpac and Bank of Melbourne branch
Money raised will fund five projects - one in Australia, community projects in Ghana and Rwanda, and education projects in Bangladesh and Cambodia
Elliot Costello, Co-Founder of YGAP has always been dedicated to making a change. The son of World Vision Australia CEO Tim Costello, the family has a lineage of commitment to social justice
YGAP stands for Y Generation Against Poverty

The 5 Project Beneficiaries
The 5cent campaign will enable YGAP and its collaborative partners to deliver:
Education in Rwanda - funds raised will build new primary classrooms (so far YGAP funding has built 5, with a further 2 in progress and a target of another 13 classrooms), a computer lab and language centre, a pre-school nursery and improving school sporting facilities
Preventing child slavery and trafficking in Ghana - funds will support communities at risk or already affected by child exploitation in Ghana. YGAP will build two additional classrooms in the Lake Volta region (7 so far constructed as a result of YGAP funding) and implement a water purification business to provide employment for single mothers
Empowering former sex slaves in Cambodia - funds raised will support Voices for Change, a program that will shape 12-15 former sex slaves into role models and peer educators for the younger generation of sex slaves
Education in Bangladesh - funds will support the West Awaz Pur school (established in 2010 through YGAP's funding) to increase its capacity, to build a teacher training centre and send a team of volunteers to Bangladesh in 2013
Feeding communities in Australia - funds raised will assist partner SecondBite in sourcing surplus nutritious fresh food and produce that might otherwise go to waste and delivering it to care agencies and people in need.